Plz Help! Mold inside my LV...

  1. Hi everyone! If you have had experiences with mold/mildew growing inside your LV's please let me know your cleaning tips and also prevention tips as well.

    It's in my mini montsouris, I had spilled something during my vacation in FL (humid...) and forgot about it so I didn't dry it out properly. I live in Costa Rica (where it's even MORE humid) and when I went to use it yesterday there's now a LOT of moldy spots inside the bad. They appear to be on top of the material, like little fluffy bits and a grey-ish white color. I took a cloth to try and wipe off some but that seemed to just rub it more into the material.

    I've alsready searched on the forums & read the FAQ's without luck.
    If you have any ideas please help! I really appreciate it!
  2. Oh man! So so so sorry :sad: Maybe the SA's at LV or an email to their CS would help you out!
  3. That is horrifying!! I would definitely ask a SA or call the 1-800 number and see what they suggest.
  4. I checked my other LV's & they are all fine for now. But mold could be a problem in the long run in Costa Rica (haven't moved here that long ago yet). Should i be putting those little salt packets in there that absorb humidity. Or Rice packets (I see salt shakers having rice inside for that same reason so I thought it made sense)

    It sucks since there is no Vuitton store here that I can go into for help.
  5. Try emailing them via, they usually respond very quickly and are a nice alternative if you don't have a hotline or store around :yes:

    I'm really hoping that you'll find a way to remove the mold :s That's certainly one thing I don't want to have in my bags, especially since it can be a rather hazardous substance .... do you have any pics? How bad is it? :shame:
  6. So sorry!! I'd clean it out really well with a mild soap and damp rag. Let it air dry in the sun if you can.
  7. that's sucks! i've never had that happen, but you should definitely try calling LV
  8. OMG! I really hope you can get it out! I am so sorry to hear about this! Please keep us updated on what happens!