PLZ help me to find out Airline ticket!

Oct 28, 2008
I'm trying to find out best airline ticket for going Illinois Champaign(CMI) from Minneapolis(MSP).

I have portfolio review at U of Illinois at March 7th 11:00 am.. I'd like to depart from CMI around 3:00 pm.
I don't have car, and I don't know how to drive (don't be surprise! I am international student..:Push:smile:
I want to find out best deal for me since I cannot spend too much for air plane ticket.....
If you can not find out lower than $274, can you -maybe- help me to find out train or bus? I don't care how many time I have to transfer or I have to wake up really early. I just want to find out cheapest deal...I don't mind bus AND train also...

Can anyone help me?
Thank you.
Happy Valentine day! :heart::smile::heart:
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Sep 1, 2008
Hi Danny,

I'm sorry to tell you but this is not an appropriate posting for this forum. This section is only to POST deals open to everyone, not to look for plane tickets. I bet you didn't know might want to read the guidelines at the top of the main page. It tells you what you CAN and CANNOT post here.
Oct 28, 2008
Sorry for this inappropriate thread.
I didn't know about guideline very well.
I tried to close this one, but I cannot do anything except writing this on here.
Sorry again, and please understand that I didn't purposely write.

Thanks and have a happy valentine day.


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Oct 20, 2008
Silicon Valley
have you check greyhound? take one to chicago and from chicago, take a shuttle to champaign. I dont know how much the greyhound is but I think the shuttle from chicago airport to champaign cost about 35-50