Plz help me decide on first Fendi!

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  1. It's a tossup betw these three bags:

    Any input on who has these, pros/cons greatly appreciated. I'm looking for something roomy but not too big on my 5'2 frame. I'm very petite. I carry my essentials with me like cell, small thin wallet, lipstick, l/g, compact, hand sanitizer. You get the idea:P. TIA!

    <A href="">[​IMG]<A href="">[​IMG]

    <A href="">[​IMG]
  2. I like the first and the last one.
  3. I vote for the first one.
  4. Looking at these pics again, I noticed that the zucca fabric in all the pics are different shades. Since I'm fairly new to Fendi, is there just one shade of the "brown" fabric or different variations??:confused1:
  5. The zucca fabric pictured is one color - a golden brown with black FFs. I really like it, quite neutral & goes with casual or dressy. I think the photos just have different light.

    I have owned the last one (pocket spy), its very nice, but I need a larger bag, probably ditto for the 2nd one. I vote for the baby spy - quite roomy & I am really happy with my chocolate baby spy....:tup: Think it depends on how much room you need & how you carry a bag. The last one is great for shoulder or hand carriage, as is the 2nd one. The first, baby spy, is more hand & arm carriage. ;)
  6. ^^Thanks so much for ur info! :yes: So if I understand you correctly, the zucca fabric is just on color just show in different lighting possibly? Would you think the actual color of the fabric is more like the top 2 pics and darker than the one on the baby spy??:confused1:
  7. A - I think so, but its a hard color to describe because there is a shimmer to it and there are interworked threads of different colors throughout. I would recommend either checking it out at a Fendi store or buying one from Jomashop & they have a 30 day return policy, so if you don't care for it, you can send it back. Here is a photo of my zucca spy (double click on the photos to get a big full size view!):

    and my zucca nappa:

    From the spy bag list:
  8. Big props to you baglady.1!! You're fantastic for posting those pics and it really helps me a lot! That's actually the color I was hoping it was! I'm kind of leaning towards the baby spy now. I like the fact that it was both fabric and leather so I get the best of both worlds!

    Is the zucca fabric fairly easy to maintain and does water bead off of it?
  9. I like the last one. baby spy!
  10. Yes, Ive had no problems with it. If you were concerned you could scotchguard it, but I have never gotten mine dirty yet, and i am not particularly careful with it...:yes:
  11. Definately the baby spy!! So cute
  12. All I really have to add is I don't think the middle one is big enough for an everyday bag. The first or last one should be able to fit your stuff, too. The last one is actually quite roomy.
  13. I think it depends whether you want a bag to go over your shoulder or not. It looks like No.1 would but No.3 wouldn't so that might help you make your choice?

    Have fun deciding ;)
  14. I like the baby spy.
  15. That's the hard part. I think I have it narrowed down betw those two bags. I like the fact that the first can go over shoulder but even when I carry a bag that can be over shoulder, I wind up always carrying it in hand or in crook of arm, go figure!:rolleyes: I like that the baby spy has some leather on it. I think the hobo may have too much logo on it for me seeing it now.