Plz help me decide on everyday bag

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  1. I want a spacious and everyday tote big enough for a few diapers, and other misc baby items that's still chic looking! Here are my choices:

    Checking into SO damier BH, reg mono BH, or a damier Parioli. One bad thing about the SO would be that I would have to wait awhile for the bag to be made and I would need the bag in about 3 months or so.

    Pros and cons to the BH and the Parioli?? TIA!
  2. here's my take on the's hard to open up wide because of the magnetic closure. it always wants to snap close. i like the bag but the opening will drive me nuts, esp if you are multitasking w/ a baby.

    if the SO damier bh is available, i'd definitely go for that. i think nearly everyone on this forum loves the bh. i personally don't own one but have tried it on and it's so comfy and practical. i'd go for this over the parioli....the only con is that the bh has no zippered closure and isn't very structured.
  3. I don't have small kids anymore(mine are teenagers) but I do own the mono BH.
    The bag is cute and spacious.
  4. I know you didn't list this one, but Mini Lin Diaper bag!
  5. bh hasnt been out long enough for you to s/o yet, but the bag would be HOT in the damier.

    But i think the bh is a wonderful everyday bag and hands free which is nice :biggrin:

  6. I am going to get the Neverfull in Damier when it comes out, I just wish it was sooner :sad:
  7. I totally agree with Nakolulu about the Parioli -- it is gorgeous, but the top is very difficult to deal with -- it does not want to stay open; it wants to close because of the magnets.

    I would definitely go with the SO Damier BH if you can get it. Even the mono BH would be a useful baby bag, but it does have an open top.

    If you want a Damier bag with a zipper closure on top, then you might want to consider the Damier Chelsea (it's also a cute Damier tote bag). And, of course, there is always the Mini Lin Diaper bag.
  8. The mono BH is really nice.
  9. I would do the BH, cabas mezzo, or damier sayela mm.
  10. I talked to 866# today and they said the bh has been out long enough to do a SO :confused1:. She is going to call me back w/ specifics so who knows??
  11. I agree with the suggestion of Mini Lin diaper bag! Good luck on finding a bag that fits your needs!
  12. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys! I actually wasn't in the market for the mini lin diaper bag. I found it a little too uncomfortable when I tried it on IRL.
  13. reg mono bh for me. i have it and i love it. some people find the no zipper thing an issue but i don't. good luck on your decision. a damier bh would be cool, too!
  14. You look great w/ yours! I've seen your posted pics in other threads. Do you find it gets dirty easily?
  15. omg really ? you have to let us know what happens :tup: