plz help me decide - fur scarf!!!

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  1. I say Army Green

    The navy against the black is not such a contrast in my opinion...

    But choose whichever You prefer...:smile:
  2. navy...
  3. I'd choose navy, too.
  4. I think navy will go better with black but I prefer the green :biggrin:
  5. both are lovely, I say navy.
  6. Navy.
  7. Navy definitely looks the best.
  8. I still like Army Green - more of a contrast and a nice colour - you can get navy anywhere!
  9. Navy although I really like both.
  10. I'd have to ask what your color your hair and skin complexion are...

    Always gotta take those factors into consideration.
  11. my hair is black and skin colour is olive!!
  12. Green:smile:
  13. Green, for sure, then!!! :biggrin:
  14. Normally I would say navy bc I like it better than green, but given your coloring I think green would look best :smile: