plz help how to clean the GST?

  1. hi every one , this is my first thread here
    but it is a sad story

    i fell down today really hard on the icy ground with my my bag have lots of slush stains:sad: ...i just cleaned it a bit with a moist towel and it remove the stains...
    but...but i fell next to a outdoor garbage bin (so i can't stop to think the slushes on my bag are very dirty:sweatdrop:) i was thinking clean the bag again by using some anti bacteria is a crazy idea? anyone did that before? will it ruin the caviar leather?

    any other ideas to clean the bag? thank you guys:love:
  2. I would NOT put anything remotely anti-bacterial near leather. . it's FULL of alcohol, that can dry out and permanently discolor your bag.
    If you already cleaned it and it looks good, leave it be.
  3. ^ I totally agree with Swanky. Clean it up one more time with your moist towel but if it was icy out, I would choose to think that the germs couldn't have lived in the ice so you just need to get the slush off & you'll be fine.
    Are you OK? Did you get skinned up?
  4. I agree w/ the the other gals too. No ALCOHOL near a Chanel or any bag. Moist soft towel... & you your GST should be a-OK :okay:. Hope all is good... (I fell on steps yesterday so.. no worries!:push:smile:
  5. thanks a lot~~~gals you guys are so nice!:heart:
    i think i will give up the "anti bacteria" idea haha
    and thank you to remind me ...i agree the germs could not live in a such cold winter...i feel much better now:yahoo::yahoo:
  6. so sorry you fell....there was a cute thread on the LV forum about how a handbag broke her fall and saved her....I hope you weren't hurt and your GST at least kept you from getting injured! I don't miss the snow and ice at ALL!. what color is your bag? warm clear water applied lightly with a soft white cloth (no soap) might be fine as long as it's a caviar GST, or you could use the apple care conditioner to help soften the scuffs.....
  7. I agree.:smile:
  8. I have such a problem with ICK I would actually throw it away (I'm dead serious....or sell it) but I think any leather cleaner should be OK and the ick will be gone soon.
  9. trishaluvslv: my bag did not save me, haha, may be next time...but i am fine now ...i hate snow and cold weather so much! but the city that i am living now still is -20! i have the black one...i think the balck caviar leather is easy to take care and i have no problem to carry it even in the snowing days

    Jazz: what is ICK ?
  10. You could always send it to Lovin My Bags to get it cleaned or use one of their products?
  11. hi
    photomj: i donot think there is any Lovin My Bags in the city (btw, i am living in canada). but thank you for your help.

    i saw the "germ guardian uv-c light" in wal mart 's web site...i am going to get one today ...hopefully the uv light will not harm the bag...
  12. Hi!

    Lovin' My Bags isn't a retail shop! You mail in your purses to them for cleaning! They also have great products to purchase as well.
  13. sorry this happened to you and your bag, hope both are all better now!
  14. thank you photomj , i check the web site... they have alots of useful products!
    thank you ladyjane76^_^
  15. I'm so sorry about what happened to you and your bag! But I know how you feel! A waitress dropped BBQ sauce on my poor GST. The sauce got into the cracks and the seams so I thought I wouldn't be able to get it out. I went to the Chanel South Coast Plaza and the SA cleaned it up for me using something called "Cadillac leather shoe and handbag cleaner". It looks good as new now. You can get it at your local Nordstroms at the handbag dept. For $7, it cleans it AND conditions the leather on the bag. Good luck!