Plz give me infos on the new Damie pieces!!

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  1. Hi guys!!!!

    Whats the 411 on the new Damie totes??????? I am soooooooo excited....there goes my ban.......but need all infos PLZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

    Homestead is what their called, right? Are these the only new styles???? Prices??? Someone? Anyone????:hysteric:
  2. i read from twinkle that it's like the batignolles with leather patches on all 4 bottom corners...PM, MM, GM..
  3. :nuts: Sounds divine!!!!! Thank you!!!

    Are there any other styles coming out???
  4. I think they are called Hampstead and they are really nice looking. I think they are coming out in three different sizes also and are shoulder bags. They have the gold plates on the front of them like the sophie does. I think they will go over really well.
    I can't recall seeing other damier pieces in the lookbook (its all kinda of a blur now).;)
  5. :sad: Oh no!!!!!!!....I cant do the gold plates.....such a bummer.......:crybaby:
  6. that actually sounds gorgeous: damier + sophie! i hope the handles are long enough to be really comfortable on the shoulder, unlike the saleya PMs...any idea when it'll be released??
  7. i hope its like the sophie!
  8. I think that the low key Damie's cover might be blown due to the name plate that will be hung......:s Is it really big????
  9. It didn't appear very large in the photo at all, it was towards the top too, not just stuck out in the middle. The straps looked pretty nice and I think it said they were adjustable (I could totally be making this up, but I think I really read that on the page!:shame:smile:
  10. OMG, I hope there's finally a damier tote I will be totally in love with! What month are these to be coming out?? Thanks ahead for the info!! :smile:
  11. Thank you for the heads up.....:smile: I hope the tag is tiny....ughhhhh:shame:
  12. I think maybe April? I know it was in the back of the lookbook so it was a later month. Next time I go back I'll try to find out for sure.
    I love these new Damier totes, as soon as I left I called my mom to tell her about them. She has been wanting a LV and I think this one might be perfect for her...and maybe she'd let me borrow;)
    I wonder if all the plates are the same size? I know they have the plate on the rivet bag also.
  13. I don't remember the gold plates....I could be forgetting, but I don't think so.
  14. are the corner leather and straps vachetta? I don't think the gold plate will be huge, perhaps it even can be covered by arm once you wear it?....well at least i know my arm can....>"<
  15. hhhmmmmmmmmmm...damier......