plz delete post.

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  1. nevermind. i think its fake.
  2. OH MY! Is that real?????
  3. I want it!
  4. Oh really! I knew it, that price was too low!
  5. Yup I know, it seems to good to be true! Imagine if it is real! Wow what a bargain! Maybe post it in the authenticate thread for Louis Vuitton??
  6. From those pics the bag looks real but then again cause the pics are bad, it's hard to tell. I mean I would jump on it just to do it cause I can always fight paypal for my money back if not auth. But i'm sure this lady doesn't seem to know much about lv so theres a high chance that the bag is real.
  7. true
  8. So who's getting it...anyone???
  9. Why would it be so low though?
  10. dazlinpearl, that is my question, why would it be sooo low??? Shish, I want to get it though! But imagine if it is a fake though, to go through all that trouble!
  11. May I add some of my friend experiences?

    My friend bought an authentic bag from a seller in eBay, then she found out afterward that there're some people who had the same pictures and same description of the bag she bought. So, she emailed the seller of the bag, and then the seller report that to eBay because they're actually her pic in her house.

    My point is may be the bag is authentic and posted somewhere before, so it might not the bag that this seller will actually sell because the seller might get the picture from somewhere else.

    **my post may a bit confusing, I'm not good telling story**:shame:
  12. This ladies feedback is good though, and what if she just has no idea??? It could be one of those deals that we are all looking for on Ebay!!
  13. anne, do you really think so?
  14. Good point Meeju. And I don't know why this seller who has been on ebay since 2002 would do this though. But some people are plain out right bad people!