Plz ck out my new sunglasses!

  1. Went to the store today and took a look at the Azur....dont like it....and the price increase is due soon...

    The SAs would not tell me if the increase would include the glasses but....did it anyway....:smile:

    This ones called Soupcon GM in Dk Tortoise.....luv luv it!!
    DSCF0001.JPG DSCF0002.JPG
  2. They are gorgeous!!! CONGRATS! I wanna see you model your sunnies!
  3. oh very nice congrats :biggrin:
  4. Nice shades!
  5. Gorgeous shades!
  6. :nuts: Congrats!!! Looks super :supacool:
  7. Sorry, am very camera shy.....:P

    Oh and they had this one with a Peridot in the was cute but even my son was like..."Mom, dont do it" :lol:
  8. By the way, anyone know if the glasses are part of the price hike?? The SA said that the glasses came out last year or something....:shrugs: So I fiquere its due for one but....:shrugs:
  9. Very cute! I'd love to see them on as well!:yes:
  10. Congrats.
  11. Nice! :yes:
  12. :supacool: <<<That's shy bagluvluv in her new shades!
    They're really cool!:yes:
  13. Hotties :biggrin: congrats
  14. :lol: :yes:
  15. Congrats! Love them!
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