plz choose my first WHITE bag for me :)


which is better?

  1. ysl

  2. hogan

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG] Hello~can you choose a bag for this newbie?? :p
    :heart:Hello ladies:heart:
    this is olivia who registered JUST yesterday:p
    i am about to buy my FISRT white bag on e-bay but want to ask your opinions.
    Which bag do you like better?

    first 3 are LAS and rest or round one is HOGAN.

    1) YSL
    2) Hogan

    i love both of them but have to choose only one..(sad sad)
    hope you ladies choose a bag for me~
    6a83_1_bl.jpg 6d5c_1_sbl.jpg 6995_1_sbl.jpg ebfc_1.jpg ed00_1.jpg
  2. Ill post this in the handbags area..This is an intro thread only!
  3. i voted for the YSL but I think I actually like the Hogan better now.
  4. I'd say the's very beautiful!!!
  5. I have seen both and IMO, they have a completely different feel. The Hogan has a crinkled leather quality and the cut/shape of the bag is more sporty - and you really can't dress it up. The YSL I think is a bit more flexible. Depends on what look/function you are after.
    Hope this helps.
  6. The YSL Rive Gauche is a BIG bag. It's beautiful, but BIG. I've never seen the Hogan IRL, so I voted for the YSL.
  7. Welcome to tPF! My vote is for the YSL. It's gorgeous! Let us know what you decide.
  8. I saw that Hogan auction too, thought it was really cute!
  9. I voted for the hogan. looks more modern, whereas the othe looks more classic. I like the clean, simple design and the snap on the front. Very crisp!
  10. Really like the YSL!:heart:
  11. I voted HOGAN. I adore HOGAN bags. They are hip and cool. The other bag is just too big and too...just huge and smooshy. The Hogan is a great summer bag.
  12. That green rive gauche is TDF!!!!!
  13. LOVE this
  14. Ysl.
  15. my vote went to ysl. the hogan bag is cute, but i see it as more of a casual bag whereas you can dress the ysl up or down depending on the occassion. plus, ysl looks so much more luxe. you really can't go wrong though. they're still both excellent choices.