Plz choose for me! Just un clou bracelet in YG or PG?!


Jan 2, 2007
Hello guys! Im currently owing love bracelet in PG and now im thinking to purchase just un clou bracelet with diamond. I went store coupke of time to try on and I still can’t decide between RG or YG! They both look equally nice in different ways. RG is subtle and YG is kind of more flash nicely. Initially I thought I’ll getting a PG because I have love in PG but when I tried YG just un clou, I found that my PG love color is kind of goes well with it. And seems like RG just unclou has more pink tone than my RG love. They both looks quite nice so I really can’t decide which one suit on my wrist better. Please guys help me to choose which color and why. Thanks heaps!


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