Plush Love it or hate it?

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  1. I've been reading through posts over the past few days, trying to decide on a bag to purchase. I recently bought a purple haze Self Portrait, which I've decided to return. I love the color but the bag style isn't going to work for me. As much as I love the feel of the plush leather, the first thing that sticks out in my head about the plush as compared to the crunch is how will it handle the rain? I know that the rain seems to roll right off of my crunch leather, but wonder whether the plush will do as well. I'd love to hear other comments about the plush leather, especially because I just read some posts which suggest that some have decided that plush doesn't work for them. TIA.
  2. I think that plush is quite durable and as long as you weather guard the leather with a protectant spray it will be fine in inclement weather. I actually really like plush, I like the texture of the leather and the chewiness of it. The raw edges and antiqued hardware I can do without but it isn't a deal breaker.

    I like plush better then bella, which I found quite boring and dull. My absolute fave leather this season is ENZO. It is refined, and slightly shiny which is what I like best in leathers. My fave in order would be Enzo, Plush, then Bella.

    Tumbleweed is too rough around the edges for my taste and chamois seems too puddly but I haven't seen these leathers IRL. I do really like nebula without seeing it IRL. This is of course just my personal opinion :smile:
  3. I am a Plush lover! I love that it is thick, soft, smooshy, and just puddles. I've never been able to love the Crunch, personally. It is just too stiff for me, though it comes in such beautiful colors!

    I think that Plush would hold up fine in the rain. I don't think it is a leather that needs to be babied. If you're concerned about it, you can always treat it with leather protectant (I use AppleGuarde).
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    Last edited: Jan 31, 2010
    If you went for another plush bag, which one would it be? Remember that the new Ryder leather bags are this next seasons 'plush'. I still think part of my prob. w/ my plush was the shape of the bag in that particular leather.

    FWIW, right before I got rid of my plush, I wanted to try and get some of the indigo dye off the back of the bag. Seems like I'd read somewhere on here not to use Kiwi cleaner and conditioner on plush, but it was all that I had. I though, 'what the he!!', and just gave it a quick buff w/ a bath towel. I actually was able to lift quite a bit of the dye off the leather and the area dried quickly and w/ no dark spots. I was amazed. :amazed: I'm not saying that I would try this on a plush bag that I wanted to keep, but it didn't hurt that bag. Long story short, it made me feel that rain might not hurt it either. Almost made me keep the bag, but the bad indigo transfer was not my main issue w/ the it.

    *Just saw your post on the other thread GM, asking several of us specifically what we didn't like. I hadn't wanted to repeat myself and sound like a broken record/hater. :smile: Anywho, my main issue w/ the plush was that it didn't stay new looking for long at all (I know its washed and distressed; but I was still hoping for it to stay a bit nicer). After a handful of carries, it looked like it had been drug through the dirt and rocks. When it was full of my things, it didn't seem to want to hold its shape very well, and it was heavy for a Tano. I like the idea of a washed/distressed bag, but in reality it just didn't work for me. And w/ other Tano's sitting beside it that I had no issues w/, it just made me dislike it even more. ( but that's just how I am; this isn't necessarily a good thing- lol!)
  5. I'm not a fan of the plush, either. I had a Self-Portrait, and I just wasn't a fan of the look and feel of the plush. I didn't like the style of the bag, either, but that's neither here nor there.
  6. I loooooooove plush! I just treated my Ramped Up with some Apple garde and away I went. It's been rained on a couple of times and you can't tell. I'd have another plush bag in a second.... :yes:
  7. I didn't like Plush for a few reasons, but if I'm being honest, I think I had to problems that actually had nothing to do with Plush per se. I did not care for how weathered the brass hardware was. I had purchased a Smog So Chummy, which has LOTS of hardware. The hardware looked like I'd had the bag for 10 years and dragged it around on the ground. I just could not get past it. The Plush bags are washed after construction, hardware and all, I assume. Therefore, that look is intentional, but I did not realize the hardware looked that way until I'd made the purchase. It was just not for me. My second big issue is that I did not end up liking the Smog color. I am not at all a fan of grays with brown or green undertones, and that is what Smog is. It's my own fault. The color is aptly named - smog is indeed grayish-brown! I was just not enamored with the bag in general.

    However, I loved the pebbled-ness of the leather, and it was indeed soft. The fact that the edges weren't polished did not bother me so much. I think I might have liked this leather in a different style bag with less hardware and in another color.

    Hope this helps!
  8. Oooh, you bring up a good point, Luv. I didn't like the hardware, either. I don't like brass or gold hardware in most cases, but I especially hated it with purple haze.
  9. I don't own a plush bag so it is hard for me to really have an informed opinion. I'm more of a shinier leather type of person and prefer not to have a lot of rough unfinished edges. That's one of the reasons why I always look at linea pelle bags, admire them but haven't pulled the trigger on one. I prefer crunch leather and now nebula...have been tempted by some plush bags in the past but have never bought.
  10. I am liking the plush so far... I haven't worn my bag anywhere but I was surprised at how much I liked it right out of the box. I thought it would be more pebbled but it's really gentle and textured so I don't mind. I like the raw edges where the color is a tad lighter.

    I ALWAYS prefer my bags with silver hardware so I just put up with the brass on this but oh well, it doesn't look bad with the pesto color. It's soft and squishy and smells terrific!
  11. I should say that I loved my plush out of the box. I just didn't continue to love it.
  12. I didn't love it straight of the box, sadly. I thought it was sorta OK. Not a good sign.

    I bet the brass looks pretty with pesto. It looked weird with purple--to me, anyway.
  13. I normally don't mind brass hardware, even weathered brass hardware. This was "beat up" to me, not weathered. I do think I would have liked a bag with less hardware MUCH better. Something like a Right Time or TK's Sought After.
  14. Thanks to all of your wonderful ladies who took the time to respond!!! Having read through all of the responses, I'm still on the fence. LOL. If I decide to take the plunge (and the deadline for the MHB sale is quickly approaching), I will be sure to let you know what I get and what I think of it.

    Voodoo, I've been reading your posts for quite some time and have to there any Tano you don't like? ;)
  15. I'm trying to make up my mind about plush, too, since I've never seen it IRL. Does anyone have pictures of what the leather looks like? Particularly in lighter leathers like luggage or chocolate or azul? I'm wondering how durable this leather is and what it feels like. I've tried to do some searches on Plush but they don't show up. It tells me the words are too common.
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