Plus-Sized Paige Premium Denims - $99

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  1. Last week, I was at the Chicago Michigan Avenue Nordies and saw that the plus-sized Paige Premium Monarch denims in the dark resin wash were on sale for $99.

    Of course, they didn't have my size. I called customer service and for some reason they are $99 in the stores and regular priced online. The sales agent allowed me to order the jeans for the sale price.

    They are very nice - they fit the buttocks quite nicely :tup:.

    Good luck!
  2. OMG! I didn't know there were any designers that were doing plus sizes. Yipppeeee! Our Nordies kind of sucks, but I will call them & see what they have. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Amy, I was very surprised too. I think only certain Nordstroms carry them.

    Good luck! I hope they work for you.
  4. LOVE those.

    though the "runs small, order one size up" thing is depressing. i know i shouldn't be concerned with numbers. but, well...

    i wish i could try them on before ordering.
  5. Kallison, don't worry about the number. You can always cut the tags off.

    I will say this...I am a 14L in jeans from the Gap. I had to get a 16 in these jeans. They fit the length (I'm 5'10") and they fit my thighs right.
  6. i know, i can cut the tags off. but i worked SO hard to get down to an 18...having to get back up to a 20 would depress me.

    but if they fit well, it may be worth it. hmm.