Plus-sized no more! The before and after pic update...

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  1. If you've been around a while, you probably remember my thread where I posted my before and after pics of my 150 pound (at the time) weight loss. The thread got resurrected recently, which gave me the idea to post an update on my progress. So far, I have lost 186 pounds! :yahoo: For the first time in over 15 years, I no longer have to shop in the plus-sized clothing section of the stores. So, here are my pics. I reposted my old "before" pic again for reference. I took this new pic just today. Also, here's the link to the old thread with pics for those who didn't see it. Everyone's comments in the thread and PMs have been wonderful! You guys are the greatest! :heart: Thank you! So, without further ado...
    before.jpg sizeXL.jpg
  2. You look fantastic! Way to go!!
  3. OMG!! You have changed your live. Congrats. Amazing work, I hope others who might be trying to lose weight the correct way will see this thread. My DH says "wow, she looks amazing"!!
  4. Awesome!!!! You Look So Great. Congrats!!!!
  5. Vlad and I both are literally jumping up and down for you- this is absolutely amazing!!!!!!!

    You have changed your body and your life forever... you must feel amazing right now!!!! BIG TIME congrats!!!!!
  6. That is incredible! You are such an inspiration! I just know you will make your goal in no time!!! Congratulations, you look FABULOUS!!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!
  7. congrats!!! you look absolutely incredible- and you are SUCH an inspiration for me!
  8. congrats. this is such an awesome thing you have done. you look great and happy shopping.
  9. And you did it all with good old fashioned hard work; no surgery. YOU are truly an inspiration. Sincere congratulations to you. You look and, I'm sure, feel amazing!! :yahoo:
  10. WOW!!! You have made fantastic progress, congrats! Of course you were beautiful before too, but you are looking great in that new dress!
  11. Congrats to you!!!! You look wonderful!!!!! :biggrin:
  12. Holy &$%#!!!! CONGRATS! What an inspiration you are!!!
  13. Wow!

    well done to you, its a fantastic achievement.:yahoo:
  14. Wow! You have really progressed! I'm proud of you! That is such an accomplishment. I hope that I can do the same as you one day.
  15. Oh my! You look amazing and so healthy! That is wonderful progress right there!!! :yahoo: