Plus-sized mod: is it possible?

  1. I'm a plus-sized girl (24W) but I really love the mod look. Is it possible to pull it off at my size without looking even bigger/really bad?

    Any suggestions on stores (specialty stores - I already know about a lot of plus-sized stores like Fashion Bug) that might have mod styles in my size would be awesome too. :smile:
  2. As with any new trend, no matter what size we are, it's a good idea to use accessories to incorporate it into an outfit here or there until the trend has a chance to shake itself out and we can get a better idea of how it shifts and changes, which elements, if any, may have classic potential.

    For example, you could shop around for an inexpensive purse done in a black and white swirl print, maybe even a patent leather one, and consider how that would go with an outfit built from your current closet residents.

    Or do some plastic double-disc dangly earrings, maybe a mondrian print or blocked top in two neutrals, which comes as close as I can think of to anything from the original "mod" stuff that could have been worn at any time between 1965 and now!
  3. had some cute mod stuff. Also, has some really cute stuff. has some links to diff. shopping sights.
  4. What about getting someone to make mod clothing for you?


    "Design your own Clothing for Any size and I specialize in Plus size clothing" - why don't you suggest something to her and see if she can custom make it for you?
  5. I don't know if you have any in your area but here in Las Vegas we have a chain of mall stores called "Torrid" and they sell very fashionable, trendy clothes in only large sizes. My very close friend's daughters are both big girls who love to dress trendy and they spend tons of money in Torrid! They have cute clothes!
  6. Yes, definitely!! I don't know of anys stores specifically that sell plus sized mod but you can definitely create that style on your own. Good luck!!
  7. I'm a plus size myself! And always try to look trendy and complete my outfit with a nice designer bag, sunny's, watch & earings!
    I've heard good things about Torrid, but since we don't have that in Amsterdam i've found my own stores where I buy my trendy size up clothing! (for the price of designer clothing?!)
    This is prob. a stupid question...but what do you mean with the mod look??
    btw H&M has a Big is Beautiful collection..I don't know what your looking for, but you can always take a look...
  8. I think it would be great especially if you have great legs to show off! I have a plus sized friend who just blows everyone away. I think she is a 16 or 18---doesn't matter...she's gorgeous and fit. Tall and has the best legs and waistline ever. She'd look great in these styles and I'm sure you would too!

    I also like the suggestion about having things tailor made for you. The friend I mentioned gets nearly all of her clothing tailored or made just for her. It can get expensive (I have many things altered as well) but trust's worth every penny to have clothing that fits your body perfectly.
  9. Thanks everyone, I never thought of trying Etsy!