Plus-Sized Couture

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  1. While some would argue that the topic is an oxymoron.. I shall ask anyways. Short of the maximum size in St. John and Saks / Neiman Marcus, where can one find high-quality plus-sized pieces? Ralph Lauren (online only, unfortunately) has served me well but I'm curious as to what other other options I have?

    Talbots'? Lane Bryant's stuff feels cheap by comparison to Lafayette 148 and Ellen Tracy, for instance. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. You're not going to find true couture, but I can recommend a few places to get some nice clothes:

    For true plus-sized DESIGNER clothes, try Anna Scholz and Elena Miro.

    Gap sells large sizes online.

    For sizes 14/16 you can try Ann Taylor Loft.

    You can sometimes luck out with St. John's and Burberry if you're a 14. Ralph Lauren, like you said. Also Michael Kors.

    Calvin Klien recently did a plus sized line.

    Queen Latifa has a line, but I forget what it's called...

    We all know of the lower end lines by Lane Bryant and Torrid.

    The options are getting much much better for plus sized women. I'm still hoping for a service that will make the clothes to fit you specifically. This seems doable for designer clothes that cost $$$, but many designers are still stuck in the old fashioned "only thin is pretty" mindset.

    Personally, I'd like to see more clothes designed for bodies that are not sticks.
  3. Hi, this is not designer clothing but judging from the rave reviews, her clothing is well-made and stylish.

    treehouse28 (I know I've gone on and on about her, swear I'm not on commission :smile:)

    She's taking custom orders for one more week, then going on vacation.

    Hoody dress

  4. Also, if you look on ebay, there's a few who sell high-end plus size fashions, I'll take a look and post which sellers.
  5. Kronik,

    An ebay seller, fashionplusjewerly, sells Ellen Tracy and Lafayette and such starting at $10.00 for everything. Good luck!
  6. Oh, there are others too, but this came up as the lowest starting price - gotta run
  7. Marina Rinaldi is the best line I have found. It is expensive but the clothes are high quality and classic.

    There are Marina Rinaldi boutiques in New York on Madison, Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive, South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa and Chicago at The 900 Shops on Michigan Avenue. If you are not near any of these stores some Saks stores carry the line and as well as on the Saks website. Call one of the boutiques and they will send you a catalog and put you on the mailing list. Beverly Hills is my favorite staff wise with New York running a very close second. New York will have the best in store selection.
  8. Coutoure?

    does anybody know of ANY plus size lines that have cute clothes that don't look like you borrowed them from your grandma or a Sen. Citizen wear for Cruise lines? I like and Anybody please??????
  9. I BCBG Max Azria has a plus-sized line. When I was plus-sized, I had a size 3X (22W/24W) track suit from BCBG.
  10. errr...if you can afford true couture, i'm sure anyone would be willing to make you something in your size.

    you should definitely explore having clothes customed made, especially if you know what you want.

    chanel carries things up to a size 20, and ysl's 46 (equivalent to a 14) runs true to size for the most part, especially dresses and tops.
  11. The plus sized online boutique, kiyonna has some pretty dresses. I have a few friends who swear by it:
  12. Where do you live? Debanhams has lots of plus sized clothing.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies. I'm located in Fairfax, VA currently.

    I'd considered MTM - bespoke would be a waste as she is working on losing weight.
  14. Where do you find the plus sized Chanel clothing to buy?

    My biggest two issues with plus sized clothing is - either it looks too old, or it's made of polyester and spandex. It is very hard to find younger (20-30 something) clothing in quality fabrics.
  15. dervifal, actually Chanel's largest size will fit a US size 14. I don't know about 16+ though.