Plus-sized and tall

  1. I am tall and plus-sized. I noticed that a lot of stores have plus-sized clothing, but they don't have plus-sized clothing in tall. It's hard to find pants that are long enough for me. Other plus-sized and tall ladies, where do you shop for clothes?
  2. Not many plus sized wardrobe readers?
    I shop at Lane Bryant...I'm 5'8 and their regular length fits If you're about 5'10 or taller I would go with a long there.
    I was also looking for some new stores to shop at. I'm sick of Lane Bryant and Avenue and Old Navy. Does anyone else have any suggestions??
  3. Try Saks. A lot of the Lafayette 148 pants have a 32"/33" inseam. Do you need longer? I'm tall, but I have short legs. I think there's about a 1" hem too, so you could probably lengthen them if necessary. Ellen Tracy runs long, too, but not quite as much as Lafayette.
  4. Bump..
    I'm hoping someone else has more suggestions for where to shop....
  5. I don't know for sure if they have them anymore but a while back when no one ever had jeans for tall girls, I found some in the JCPenny catalog. Also try places like "the buckle" if you have one near you, they usually have jeans up to inseam of 38", not sure what the waist size goes to...I know at least a 32" or 33"

  6. If 32" or 33" inch waist is plus size someone needs to get out a little more.:wtf:
  7. Oh no, I didn't mean that, I meant thats the highest size I know for sure they go up to but I would think they would go up higher but they do have up to 38" inseams.
  8. J.Jill used to have a good mix of sizes.
    Lands End will hem pants to your specification up to certain lengths - it used to be free...not sure if this is true any longer...
    Talbot's has a good selection, too.
  9. I find Old Navy is pretty good for tall sizes. Not designer, but it doesn't matter is they fit. Good luck. :p
  10. I'm in this category. I didn't know that about Land's End! I am sick of the same stores too, but now I just think of LB and Avenue as my "basics" stores. I am not giving up on Nordstrom, Saks and NM. NB Last Call in Primm NV had clothes AND shoes for me (11 or 12's in either regular or wide, depending, nice surprise!). Nice to shop for something besides jewelery and accessories (OK, so poor me, but you guys understand what I'm talking about!).
  11. I'm 5.8" and have a 36" inside leg. Here in the UK there is a chain of shops called 'Long Tall Sally' i believe they go up to a 38" inside leg and i think a UK size 18, maybe more! I'm a uk size 8-10 and TopShop do a brilliant 'Tall' range with inside legs of 36" and occasionally 38". I believe they go up to a UK size 16 but the sizing is quite small! I think you can order online at both!

    Because of my long legs I am ALWAYS looking for jeans/trousers, it drives my bf mad! as soon as I find soom a often buy several at a time!

  12. I'm 5ft10 and also wear a 35/36" inside leg trousers. I find most of mine in Dorothy Perkins, and according to their website they deliver to the US.
    Their trousers go up to a UK size 22.

    On this subject though, a friend of mine is a couple of inches taller than me, and she's pregnant. She's since found out that almost nowhere does trousers which are tall & maternity! It's either one or the other :rolleyes:
  13. TopShop do a maternity line, but i don't know if the combine tall and maternity! long tall sally look like they do a pair of jeans though:

    but thats it!

  14. Yep they do tall, and they do maternity, but they don't do tall maternity. You're obviously not meant to get pregnant if you're over 5ft8 :lol:

    She's seen those jeans thank you, I think she'll be getting a pair when she's a bit further down the line :smile:
  15. I've found Jones New York great for pants long enough. I haven't tried their pants, but CJ Banks has some great tops that are long enough. I've also done well at Lord & Taylor on occasion.