Plus size women's and extended men's sizing?

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  1. I was at the Tanger outlet in (near?) Houston recently. I just moved to the area and was new in the store. A manager told me Coach will be expanding the women's clothing line to include plus sizes and the men's to extend sizes, because people have been requesting this.
    Has anyone else heard this? Or was the manager just giving me "the business?"
    I would be in that plus size target market, so I kind of wondered. Many have asked for this for years, so I wonder. A close friend of mine who wears a "small" in most items buys a "large" in Coach, so I've never bothered to even think I could wear any of their clothing. Maybe I'm too old for it anyway and it's for the young, thin and trendy.
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  2. Good to hear. We need more plus sizes in high-end designer labels.
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  3. Truth be told I am not really a fan of the ready to wear by Coach (the styles) but there are pieces (usually jackets) that I really like sometimes. I too would be in the plus size dept so it would be nice to see them expand their size range.
  4. OMG!! It would be amazing to finally get clothes to fit my fat self! I hope this is true for Coach!!
  5. I am just not sure if we should believe him. I'd like to.
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  6. I'm surprised that is true for your friend. I don't know if Coach has changed their sizing but I always thought they ran a little large, so that if you usually wear a small, you would wear an extra small in Coach. That was true for me years ago when I bought a Coach trench.

    I don't pay much attention to Coach ready to wear. Most if out of the price range of what I pay for clothes and most is more embellished than what I normally wear. I did buy a tee on FOS last year that I like.
  7. Giving me the business. I love it
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  8. Well, crazyforcoach09, you know me!
  9. I wish that they had a range of widths in shoes and that they offered half sizes in their rings. Oh well, since they don't I will save my money!
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  10. Or smaller rings!

    I'm lucky that most Coach shoes run narrow because then they fit me. I wish their shoe sizing was consistent. It makes it very difficult to order. I've worn anything from a 6 to an 8 1/2 in various Coach shoes.
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  11. OMG, yes! I'm anywhere between a 10 and an 11 in women's (and of course they don't make a 10.5 like they do every other half size below that...) and I'm normally a 9.5 in men's, so I went ahead and ordered a 9.5 in one of those new limited edition sneakers and it came in and was too big, so I had to go down a half size to a 9! I'm thinking MAYBE it's because those shoes are canvas and not leather, but still...consistency!
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  12. Wide widths in shoes would be fantastic. Extending the size range in rings would be nice too, smaller and especially larger. And add a choice between a Medium 7-inch or Large 8-inch bracelets. After all they buy their jewelry from a major manufacturer that I'm sure is capable of making jewelry in extended sizes.
  13. Smaller bracelets too! 7 inches is too loose for midgets like myself.
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  14. Has anyone been able to confirm any of the size extensions we have been discussing with a trusted S.A. or manager?
  15. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm a men's big & tall fashion blogger and I haven't heard any rumblings of an expansion into extended sizes. I hope I'm wrong!