Plus size own Carly's?

  1. I have decided I want to purchase a Carly, large :yahoo:and was wondering if any of you Carly owners are fluffy girls? (plus size). I am not sure if the Carly will fit comfortably on the shoulder (being a fluffy girl).:confused1:
  2. The large should be fine. I'm fluffy and I have a large choc brown carly and I don't have any probles with it fitting on my shoulder. I would go to the store and try it on first
  3. That's what i've been wanting to know, but the carlys are nice because people have bought those brass dogleash clips at like hardware stores, and you could do the same thing to extend the strap length.If i got one thats what i'd do, so it's still on my wishlist!
  4. I am most definitely fluffy and my large Chocolate Carly fits great on my shoulders. Since it is slouchy, I don't have to worry about it.
  5. Fluffy. That's funny. And cute way to descrive it. LOL
  6. Another Fluffy Girl here and the large Carly fits with room to spare!
  7. i tried one on at the boutique and i fell in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE with it. i will be part of your stinking club soon, you stinking carly owners you... (cusses to self about needing another job so she can buy this damn bag)

    i'm a thick girl and let me tell you what, carly is a NICE bag. it will make you OH so happy.
  8. When you get to the store put all of own belongings inside. You will be surprised with the amount of room that you will still have on your shoulder.
  9. My neighbor bought the large Carly to use as a "carry on bag" on the plane for a long vacaton she was taking....they never went on the trip, so I am selling the bag for her! That is ANOTHER way this bag can be used...for TRAVEL!!!! Large Carly is a VERY versatile bag, and since she slouches down as much as you want according to the amount of stuff you put in her, you still have alot of room on your shoulder!!!! I own TWO Carly's and I TOTALLY recommend this bag as a "go to, take anywhere/anyplace bag"....she even fits comfortably w/ a heavy winter coat (YES, I tried it!!! LOLOL in 100 degree weather!!!!! LOLOLOL)....CARLY RULES!!!!! PLEASE JOIN OUR CARLY CLUB!!!!!! Let us know when you buy one and what color you decide on!!!!! Good luck!!!! This will be one bag you will full enjoy!!!!!