Plus size girls, what brands do you like?

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  1. I find myself getting very frustrated reading this forum because so much of the talk revolves around brands that don't design beyond size 12. I read about how wonderful Burberry makes this and DVF makes that and Gucci makes that. Which is great if you're small enough to wear their clothes, but frustrating and depressing if you're not. And I'm not.

    So. If you're bigger than a size 12, or better yet a 16, what brands do you like? And which ones do you stay away from?
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    Michael Kors and Vince Camuto, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren are a few designers that make great plus size fashions. I have recently discovered Eileen Fisher, an American Designer who is also green, using very strict eco sound manufacturing, and natural fabrics. You can buy them on Ebay for less than dept. store.
  3. I checked out Eileen Fisher - and have to agree. The quality is very high, well worth the price.:cool:
  4. Check out the plus size girls thread on this forum. And by the way, Chanel makes a size 50 which is a 16-18. Depends on the fabric. Sweaters are always big. Cheaper? Lane Bryant,INC for women at Macy's. ,Coldwater Creek,etc.
  5. My sister is plus size (sz 22) and I get her designer stuff at Nordstrom Rack. Nothing super high end but great cheap stuff :smile:
  6. j jill
    soft surroundings
    land's end
    eileen fisher
    cynthia rowley
    Elie Tahari

    I usually don't like Lane Bryant, but today I popped into one of their stores and just noticed that they have a collaboration with isabel toledo. Very nice for a change!
  7. Yeah, I have hit and miss luck with Lane Bryant. I also have mixed amounts of success in JC Penney's. I shop in Macy's a lot. I like Jones New York and American Rag, in particular, although I'm rather disappointed in the last American Rag top I bought. I also like Torrid, but I shop very carefully and selectively in there. I appreciate that they carry a young, edgy look for plus sizes that no one else will or does.

    What I don't like is Catherine's. I do buy bras in there sometimes, but everything else is polyester and all the styles are cut the same way. It's almost like you can pick out that "Catherine's look". Plus it's expensive for polyester. I can go to Macy's and get a better fabric and better cut for the same price.

    I don't particularly like Karen Scott's stuff. I think it's mostly the high necklines on everything that I don't like. High necklines and big boobs don't often get along well.

    Wet Seal recently started carrying plus sizes in the store (I think they may have carried them online before) and I haven't been happy with the selection so far. Maybe I'm getting too old for their vibe, I don't know, but I didn't find their stuff appealing.

    I look forward to hearing what the rest of you have to say.

  8. You can find some plus sized clothing at TJMAXX, Marshall's, and Ross.
  9. Mango Violeta. Best site I've found for larger sizes.

    Edit - I've just checked out Eileen Fisher and her clothes are so dull and expensive...yuk!
  10. If you like long, flowing, loose style, then check out Lagenlook style. It is German for layering. I have purchased mainly Coco&Juan pieces the last year. Just love the artistic and minimalist look, not to mention I can find some quirky pieces on eBay to accessorize with.

    Lagenlook Style
  11. OMG...Wet Seal - image.jpg

    WTF?! Why do these stores do such horrible, unflattering clothes and who the hell is buying them? This infuriates me!
  12. ^I think it needs a certain personality to pull that off.... :smile: I don't care for patterns either, it tends to make everything look so much larger!
  13. I just hate leggings on larger ladies. It screams LAZY! The only time they can be forgiven is if you have a good shaped leg, with a long tunic top, pumps and in black only.
  14. Michael by Michael Kors
    Kenneth Cole New York
    City Chic
    Calvin Klein
    Ralph Lauren
    Vince Camuto
    Ann Taylor (goes up to an 18 online)
    eShakti (online only, for cute inexpensive dresses)

    My denim is all from Forever21 or HUE. My lack of hips means that I can really only wear "skinny jeans" without my hips and thighs swimming in fabric, so as soon as those are out again, I won't be wearing jeans any more.

    I also have a few designer pieces in my wardrobe that just happened to be cut generously. Some St. John cashmere cardis, Alexander Wang sweaters, and an Armani jacket.
  15. ASOS has fun plus size clothing.