Plus Size Girls, show us your outfits!

  1. I'm not the OP, but MAM = Morning After Mini. I am lusting for one too :smile:
  2. Really love your oufit...leggings and all:tup:
  3. Great thread Samia!!!
  4. Thank-you for the info. I appreciate it.
  5. thanks! Its rebecca minkoff's morning after mini bag. You can check all the info about them at the rm forum
  7. ^^ Yes Mango does have an online store, but I am not sure if they will still have this top it was F/W 07. Anyone here is the online store link:
  8. Thanks!
  9. Outfit for today

    Everything Mango
    Bag RM MAM

  10. Samia - that is the best Spring outfit! Love it!
  11. I agree! It looks great, fun color.
  12. Cotton knit olive skirt from Wet Seal. Sleeveless sweater Mizrahi for Target. Slides are my single most expensive shoes (Prada)that I drooled over for months until they showed up on Bluefly - trying to train myself to wear them without wobbling (Not ready for outside in these babies yet, think I have to find an area cobbler 1st).
    wet seal mizrahi.jpg prada slide1.jpg
  13. You have such cute outfits, bags, and shoes. I was overweight then, I wish I could have dressed as cute as you because then I was always dressing sloppy with kids.
  14. Samia- I :heart: your outfit today!!!

    What kind of store is Mango? I don't think they have it here :sad:
  15. Such a great spring outfit Samia and I love it with your RM bag.