Plus Size Girls, show us your outfits!

  1. What does MUA stand for?

  2. oh is it?? than I'm definitely not a 14. I need to figure out my US size.
    Cute outfits btw!!
  3. I am UK 14!
  4. talldrnkofwater, great outfits!
  5. Outfit for today:



    Next Sweater, Skirt and Belt.
    Bag is Balenciaga Pine Suede Hobo
    Boots just from Shoe Mart
    Coach Bangle
  6. galligator this vest is super cute on you!

  7. Make Up Alley

    Everyone looks great!!
  8. Brianne - I love that top. Where did you get it?
  9. Samia - I am in love with your outfit. It is so chic! I need tips on cute belts because I NEVER wear them. I buy them and they just sit in my closet! Most likely because all the cute belts BARELY fit me at 18, even if I get an XL.
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  10. Great! Finally a thread for us!! Just because we are plus size it does not mean that we are not sexy nor we have style!

    I love this summer dress :love: is strapless with a beautiful opening in the back. Both dress and shrug where purchased at Torrid. I am wearing it with the Coach Puppy purse.

    :flowers: Di
    My PF pic 4.jpg
  11. This is a beautiful and simple evening dress I purchased at Laura Plus. I am wearing it with my favorite Chanel charm bracelet and ring:love:. I am sorry for my looks, I got really burnt at the beach a few days before the pic was taken:p
    My PF pic 13.jpg My PF pic 6.JPG
  12. Would you guys believe me if I tell you that I git this outfit at DOTS???? Yeah :tup: and it was very reasonable price. The shrug is from Torrid.

    The purse is my dear Ursula from LV :girlsigh:
    My PF pic.jpg
  13. Dibernal: You look so cute! Your clothes are uber-feminine :smile: What is DOTS?
  14. target.jpg
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  15. DOTS is a cool chain clothing store in the US. They have a big selection of plus size trendy clothes and jeans. Check it out.