Plus sign stamp on coach?

  1. Hi, I read about the stamp that the outlet puts on the inside of the bag.. but I purchased my bag (yellow signature optic satchel) at Loehmanns -- It has a plus sign on the upper left side.. I know the bag is authentic so I wonder if any other stores put markings in and what they are?
    Has anyone else seen the plus sign marking?

  2. it's the x that means it was sold at loehmanns, tj maxx, etc.

    sorta like the bullseye from the outlet. just shows what type of store you got it from.
  3. hmmm...did you purchase it recently? because i had went by one of those stores and they didn't have any marking on one of the yellow pebble leather bag about a couple months i guess their policy has changed?

    as far as discounted places selling coach i'd be wary, only outlets and the discount racks at macys, nordys, lord and taylor, bloomies, etc. should be regarded as authentic...and even then switches can be made =P

    there is talk, i remember reading about new methods of bulleting for outlets and such.
  4. I had a bag like that just last week.... got it off eBay because it was an older style and I couldnt find it anywhere and just had to have it. Anyhow, I called Coachs 888 number and the lady there told me that the X means it was sold at a discount store as a "final sale... as is and is not covered under Coachs warranty". She said most likely bags with that mark are authentic.
  5. Thanks. I did get it on clearance for a good price. I wonder though, why they don't cover them as under warranty if purcased on clearance? They are not being sold at a discount because they're defective -- it's like coach shoppers are being penalized for paying a cheaper price (even thought it's probably 3 seasons old)... I shouldn't have to pay full price (or get it through a coach outlet) to get the warranty -- I mean they are called authorized resellers, right? Loehmanns, Macy's, Nordstroms,etc?
  6. I agree but the way the lady at the 888 number explained it is that it was purchased as a final sale... as is, which means it could have been damaged already when it was purchased. She said any time you purchase a coach product like that to look it over very carefully and make sure you know what you are getting. Guess they dont want you to get a bag at 75 percent off that is damaged and then get it fixed for free :confused1:
  7. ^^^I guess that makes sense.
  8. I am not too sure of what that person told you on the phone. The marking is to prevent someone from trying to take the bag back to Coach Boutique for a full price refund. Same with the bullets.

  9. That makes more sense -- I can't see why the warranty wouldn't apply just because something is less than suggested retail price.
  10. My Coach Legacy Wallet (got it about 2 or 3 years ago) also has the "x" that you're talking about. My boyfriend bought it for me at Loehmanns, also :smile:

    Don't worry, it's authentic. The "x" means that it was shipped to a discount-store and the target symbol means that it was an outlet product! They do this so that for the reason that noshoepolish said, so that people don't go back the boutique and try to get it for full price :smile:
  11. well i suppose to justify not taking the bags back to the accutal coach stores, the X's or Bullets, or whatever they call them are nessacary... but it makes me think twice about stopping into TJmaxxx every once in a while to see what they have, i don't want markings on my EXPENSIVE purses!
    unless i see something i REALLY like... and it's the right price...