Plunge to get Motard Biker? Or wait for Empreinte

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  1. Hi. Yesterday, I chanced upon a local LV consignment store and saw a beautiful Black Motard Biker. Ok, my heart nearly dropped because I thought this was so hard to find now. And then, it was going at a pretty good price (considering a LE item). Now I'm in a dilemma..... Should I plunge into the gorgeous rare Motard Biker or wait for the equally gorgeous (and equally expensive) Empreinte collection about to be released?

    I read that the Biker has weight issues...being heavyweight even with your normal personal stuff in the bag but i must also say the silver hardware and the smooshy calf leather skin is TDF!!!!

    Pls help! Thanks
  2. I love the Motard and it is my holy grail. So I say Motard
  3. Oh my word, the Motard is beyond gorgeous! I think I would pick that over the new line coming out. Then maybe you can save up again and get the Empreinte later.
  4. I would wait:smile:
  5. Definitely Motard! It's absolutely stunning!
    But if you're concerned of the weight issue then wait for the Empreinte!
  6. Motard for sure, it is TDF. I love it soooo much, it is one of my holy grails. My BF is a motard rider so I really have a special place in my heart for the super gorgeous bag.

    Get it and post modelling pics pweeeez
  7. Wait for the Empreinte.
  8. The motard is stunning!
  9. Motard owners, how do u deal with the weight issue? I hope not to spend a lot of $ and regret later. But it is v nice indeed.
  10. This is tough - both are gorgeous lines. I'm tempted to say Motard, because the hardware is stunning and you might not find it again; Empreinte isn't out yet, so you might be able to save and find it from a reseller later.
  11. Motard!!!!! That bag is so hot!!!!
  12. Hot and heavy. It would not be a bag that I would carry day after day. The weight would outweigh the beauty for me.
  13. Motard!
  14. i actually went into the shop and tried the bag... boy, really really TDF!!! AND heavy. Is this something only specific to this kind of LV bag or are there other LV designs that are just as heavyweight? So far I'm only used to your regular speedies, almas, gallerias etc which are quite lightweight. I hardly come across any TPFers, complaining that their LVs are heavy....

    Pls enlighten... Anyone???
  15. The larger Mahina bags are also really heavy, but most of the coated canvas pieces are pretty lightweight.