Plumes and plume elans

  1. I have fallen in love with the plume -- especially the elan from ILML's photos. I saw an elan this past weekend and it was very small. Does anyone know the biggest size of the elan? What about regular plumes? Does anyone have both the 32 and 28? What do you think of the sizing?
  2. Let me dig the info up for you. I adore the elan myself.
  3. I ADORE the Plume fact, I would have a collection of them if I could!

    There used to be an amazing black Croc or Gator that Jemz had that I drooled over for the longest time.....I think she wanted $7K for it back then. Thankfully, someone snapped it up and saved me from myself. LMAO!!!!!
  4. Thanks KellyBag. I have some reading to do this evening!
  5. The plume elan which S'mom has on her thread is the same size as mine. I hope it's ok to post the picture of S'mom with her plume elan here again. (I love the picture and her house is gorgeous!) :tup::heart: Thank you Kellybag and S'Mom.


    I thought there was only one size in plume elan. But I saw the smaller size at H in Tokyo airport. It is very small. And definitely smaller than the one I and S'mom have. That's why I took the picture.


    I took this from Japanese magazine.

  6. There's a plume elan and a mini plume elan. I think the mini plume elan is too small, more an evening bag than anything else. I like the regular plume elan myself.

    There is a regular mini plume too (I know, a little confusing) which is about 20cm and then it goes to 28cm and 32cm and a larger one. That mini plume is very cute!

    I am still thinking about the mysore vert anis plume elan that I passed on in Rome last time and then the mysore rose shocking one that I also passed on in Hawaii. (As much as I'd like to, I can't keep on collecting everything! heh!)
  7. AAB, For you, croc only. :p:heart:

    I also love mini plume. I think it's very cute but don't have any yet.

  8. stop this crazy talk AAB, you must continue!!!

    Vert anis plume elan would be great :nuts:!!!
  9. Guys, I need your advice. I'm thinking about getting a Plume Elan. It is not new, F stamped(2002), in evercalf(not very practical, right?) and light colored-Lavender. I pretty much use my Gris Tourterelle Bolide for the Summer, but Plume seems ...I don't know, more summery and it's smaller. I'm 5'4
    Here she is
    What do you think?
    I think that with these new Hermes prices hike I won't be able to buy a new Plume for quite some is worth it? What do you think about the color?
    Thank you thank you thank you
  10. the lilac plume is gorgy i would do it in a nanosecond (+ the color is rare too)
  11. I think it's gorgeous and I'd grab it in a heartbeat but are you sure it's evercalf? I didn't think H was using evercalf back then (F) it's more likely box calf.

    Is that right Lilach?
  12. It's the good thing you ask! I will find out tomorrow.
    lilach Thank you. Your opinion matters :yes:
  13. Lucywife ~ It's Absolutely Magnificent ~ Total Dreambag......I :heart::heart::heart: Plumes & The Lilac Is Amazing!!!!!
  14. I love the plume document carrier from the H website.


    After I get my dream HAC, this is next on my list.