Plume Love

  1. Are there any plume-llovers around? What are the pros and cons? Any leather/color recommendations?
  2. plume elan 1.JPG
  3. Gorgeous!!!
  4. Thanks Katel, I tried doing a search but nothing came up more recent than last December. I love your Elan. The one I am considering is a regular one, not Elan. Maybe I like yours better.
  5. I am a plume lover as well! The differences beyond the shape, is that the elan doesn't have protective feet...which is something I prefer...mine is the 28cm size, rouge h chamonix with white stitching - I have to say I've bought and sold quite a few bags in the past year and I do believe this one has stayed with me throughout - must be :heart: !

    rouge plume 008.jpg
  6. I'm another Plume lover! The style can hold a lot while remaining light and manageable. Katel, SM and Shoes, I LOVE your Plumes!!
  7. Love those plumes, ladies!

    Katel, your new baby is gorgeous!!!
  8. Yes btw Katel! Gorgeous!!!
  9. Hi, I just bought a Plume a month ago. I love it...mine is a 32cm rouge vf. It hold so much, in fact I can't believe how much I can get in the Plume.

    In fact, I carry the Plume more than my black box Kelly. Plus I like the fact that the Plume is more understated than a Kelly or a Birkin!
  10. Shopmom, Katel and Shoes, I love all of you bags. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Mollyand jake, yours sounds beautiful. I love rouge vif. The one I am thinking about is 28cm --not elan-- chevre in a bright color. Do you get as much enjoyment out of carrying the plume as a kelly or birkin? A new plume is in the same price range as a kelly. Do you think the style is classic enough for that investment?
  11. lovely plume elan ,how much is it???
  12. My plume was about 5500 last summer - I think kellys are more around 7? IMO - it really depends what kind of person you are! Some people love the kelly - some the birkin - I love the bags like the plume and bolide that are under the radar a bit -- and I have carried the plume on a trip and it was very nice - it's very lightweight to carry too!

  13. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: It ARRIVED!!!!!!! It's LOVELY, Kate!!!! It's so beautiful with your Pegasus........Congratulations! Wear it in the best of health and I'll bet you reach for it more than you think!!!!!

    I can't praise the Plume enough. I first fell in love with the Plume after seeing this picture below and I was a gonner! It was only after trying a few on that I realized that I do much better with the Elan than the 28cm as it looked just a bit too boxy for my frame. Otherwise, I'd own a 28cm right this minute!!!! (and I STILL might have to go for it because every time I see this picture, I drool all over my keyboard.....)
  14. ^^I still love that pic as well shopmom!!
  15. ^^^ Yum-O! Me too!

    Everyone's Plumes are SO gorgeous! :heart:

    Thanks all for the nice compliments; I'm feeling very thankful for landing this one.

    Keep us posted, Pampered, on your Plume-to-be, OK?