Plume help....

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  1. I've searched all over this forum for some info on dimensions of the 28cm plume and no go. Can't find 'em. Does anyone know the measurements of this baby? I know the ONE dimension (28cm)....:blink:
  2. wxhxd=28x21x11
  3. Thank you, Hermesgroupie! Next question.....what do you think of Veau Graine? Just wondering in case the heavens rain Plumes...just want to be prepared.....
  4. Veau grain lisse is scratch resistant and light, very similar to epsom but the grains are less angular than epsom. Another of Hermes's embossed leathers. I really love the Plumes in box, though.
  5. I had not heard of this leather? Did you see my pic shopmom comparing the 32 kelly with my 28 plume? If not I can search or send one to you..
  6. Shopmom, are you the member looking for a Plume in Vache naturale?
  7. Yep! That's me! In Chamonix or Chevre leather....but now....maybe Box would be gorgeous....hmmmmmmm
  8. Shoes....I think I should take a look at your pics but I can't seem to locate them....The stores don't ever have a 28cm size so I'm kinda shooting in the dark here. I know I don't want a 32 because I did get a chance to check that size out and it looks like I'm carrying, I'm ASSUMING that the perfect size would be a 28.
  9. Here they are:

    PlumeHbag 001.jpg

    PlumeHbag 002.jpg

    PlumeHbag 003.jpg
  10. Thank you, Shoes! Looks like the 28's my baby....
  11. many months ago i saw and held a brand new blue (don't know the tech. name for the color that i saw) plume, 28, in box i think. super roomy. and more recently i saw a very chic woman carrying a black box plume. also 28.
  12. I think you'd love either Chamonix, chevre or box for a Plume. I haven't seen veau Graine yet - another one I have to check out!!
  13. A picture of veau grain lisse.
  14. IMO the Plume is better in smooth leathers than in textured ones; I might be biased, but I LOVE Box for Plumes...Actually the store here in Rome seems to have several Plumes out almost all the time; last time I was there I saw one in black box with pall/H which was stunning...:love:
  15. Duna....where in Rome is the Hermes store. Of all the times we've been there, I can't remember seeing it. Is it off the Piazza di Spagna?

    You guys have been great....thank you, hermesgroupie for the closeup shot of veau grain lisse - I'm not a fan of Epson leather and I think not of Veau grain either. Looks like Chamonix or Box for me!!!