Plume Elan.....?

  1. Well, after a few days of having an intense relationship with the fixtures in my bathroom I am BACK in the Hermes Saddle again! :wlae:

    Thank God is all I have to say....a stomach flu is NOT the way to lose a few pounds!

    OK so I'm off to Las Vegas on Thursday and like I said before, I'm heading over to the Hermes boutique on my last day in town. Now, I have no hope whatsoever of finding a Kelly on the shelves and I'm not even going to ask to see any BUT I was hoping that they MIGHT have a Plume Elan somewhere in the store.

    Just in case they do, can anyone tell me the measurements of a Plume Elan? Does this style come in different sizes? And what about price....anyone know?? I'd like to be prepared before I go...just in case....

    Thanks are the best! :flowers:
  2. Hey Shopmom, are you in LV now, I can fix you up with my sales rep.
  3. Hi Shopmom...glad you're feeling better! That was a long time to have a stomach flu...was it something you ate? I love the Plume Elan too...especially in croc!
  4. Hey D, did you see the BJ Plume Elan in "H informative cat." thread, page 2 post #29 ? Isn't it devine?!?! To answer your question, I vaguely remember 2 sizes (?) but I could be wrong. But the standard size seems a good size to me, the other is pretty small...

    What color and leather would you like ? You have my approval anyway...:yes: :wlae: it's a great bag...!!:love: If only I didn't have a regular Plume....:girlsigh:
  5. D.....this one HAS to be in some fabby Hermes color. Don't know what yet though. I saw a pic of Catherine Deneuve carrying the exact one that's on the Jemz web-site and it just looks TDF. Only that one is black croc.

    Thoughts on color and leather anyone????
  6. I would go for either a red (Rouge H or Rouge Vif) maybe even this Garance, but I haven't seen it yet, also this new Brighton? Blue intrigues me, also Raisin is lovely (if you don't mind a dark color), finally oranges or greens, but I seem to remember you weren't much into those... I think you'll know when you see it....arrow...heart...remember?;)
  7. Sorry to hear that you had to move your base of operations to the salle de bain:sad: I think it was your dinner in Berkley with your "friend" the tree hugger that made you ill.

    The bag I let get away 2-3 years ago was a Plume in blue jean ostrich:nuts: That is on my dream bag list:girlsigh: Doubt that you will find it there, but the Plume styles seem to look best is a strong color and/or leather. How about vert anis or potiron? Too much for you? Maybe you will get lucky and find it in toile/barenia:heart:

  8. OMG GC, you crack me up.....I'm sure that's what did it! She made me ILL!!!!!

    Well, I think this'lll be yet another case of "when i see it I'll know it" kind of thing. Now watch it'll be a blue jean Croc like that agenda on the LZ site I'm STILL drooling all over my keyboard about....:sad:
  9. Shopmom, so glad you're feeling better!!!
    They'd better have an Elan for you!! Rouge H in box, Swift or Vache Liagee would be perfect!
  10. Thanks guys! But anyone know what size these babies come in? And what price point are we talking here?????

    Gotta have my facts lined up before rolling into town, you know?
  11. In my catalog they only have one size shown which measures
    H17 x W28 x D6

    The catalog price is in yen and is Y480,000 which is approximately $4,100.00
  12. :flowers: Thank you, dianagrace!!!! Just exactly what I needed to know....
  13. Oh so glad you're better! Boston had one yesterday and for the life of me I can't recall the color! Maybe Traci can - but size I would say would be about 28-30 cm long....and about 6" high (nice mix of measures eh?) The mini plume (probably about 25 cm wide) ran 4100 sounds about right! So you might try Boston for a call!
  14. Shopmom, from what I've seen in the Japanese lookbooks, there's only one size for Plume Elan.

    I'm glad you're feeling better! Have fun in Vegas!!! :wlae: :jammin: