Plume Elan?

  1. I've been liking the Plume Elan's lately....I guess ever since I saw that little beauty on the Jemz web-site. But I NEVER see any, anywhere! Not in the store, not with resellers. In fact that elan is the only one I've ever seen....period!

    I wonder how frequently they come to the market...anyone know? Anyone on this Forum own one? Just like to have a little more info than the zero amount of info I have at the moment.......:flowers: :flowers:

    Now, don't read anything into this. I'm just curious.......:oh:
  2. Depends on the store, I saw 3 in the NYC store today if my memory serves me correctly. One was a lizard from the back room, though.
  3. Hmmmmm. I've gotta get to that NYC store one of these days. I'd just love to SEE one up close and personal. Does anyone know the measurements of the elan?
  4. wxhxd=28x17x6cm
  5. Well, there is one in my little Hermes catalog which says the measurements are H17 x W28 x D6
  6. Thanks,'s kinda cute! (I better get me one of those little handy catalogues....!)
  7. I usually see them in "dressier" combos - saw a TDF black box/palladium Elan 28 at my Hermes. The only downside is they don't have feet on the bottom like the standard Plumes.
  8. What do you think of them, Greentea? I was wanting that Plume in Natural Chamonix I saw in the scarf booklet but then when I saw that Alligator one on Jemz I kinda thought that size would be a nice day to evening you remember the price on the regular leathers?
  9. I saw a mini Plume elan when I was in Singapore. The purse was in fuchsia lizard. It was so cute! However, I think I'll still pick a Kelly clutch over that.

    Now between the regular Plume Elan vs. Plume, then I'll pick Plume Elan because of the more horizontal look:flowers:
  10. I've seen a Plume Elan in Honey porosus croc in the store last year. Absolutely stunning in croc! :heart:
  11. I think the Plume is TDF in croc!
  12. I'm getting a sense that the elan's come out more in the exotics? And, Kou...I think that's why I like them too...that horizontal look appeals to me.....
  13. Love Plume Elans but I wish they'd have small feet like the regular Plumes. IMHO, exotics look best on pure and simple Plumes.
  14. I saw exactly the same Plume at my H store recently, awsome...:love:
  15. Shopmom, I really like them - but not for everyday bags. Perfect for evening in box or chamonix!