Plume Elan

  1. I have a plume elan (something like 9" by 4" ish) -anyway i was in Hermes and they had a plume elan in pink chevre really pretty but looked small..........smaller than MY plume elan. Are there 2 sizes of plume elan?
  2. Yes, there's a GM and a PM. I'm sorry I don't know the sizes of the PM.

    What color/leather is yours? Pics??? :yes:

  3. thanks Katel! whew glad i didnt think i was imagining the size discrepancy. I bought my plume elan in about 2002.........when i did i had big misgivings. $$$$ and not a birkin or a kelly! but to my surprise its my fave bag --i get insane compliments and its really unusual. unfortunately i cannot get any pix to post here. it always says the file is too big............its emerald green box leather with gold hardware.:heart: a serious dream boat.........
  4. I love the Plume Elan...and the GM is the perfect size. We have to figure out a way for you to downsize your photo-files so that we can drool over that Plume .... the color sounds incredible!!

  5. yes i wish i could --i have tried repeatedly with the photos here...............
  6. Can you look at the pics in a pic browser, like "My Pictures" on a PC, windows XP? If so, then right click on the pic, and you'll get the option to "send to mail recipient", click that, and it'll give you a choice to save them smaller or keep them the orig size. Choose "save them smaller" and it will give you an email box with the small pic attached. Type your email address in, send it, and you'll get the smaller pic. From there, I resave it to a folder I can find to post to family, friends, boards, etc.

    I'm sure there's an easier way, but this works and I haven't read my manual yet!! :p

    GREEN BOX??!??!! I want to seeeeee, pls!!
  7. okay trying
  8. I know, Katel!! i am just dying here at the thought of Green box, :drool: :heart: :heart:....
  9. These are what I used sometimes.
    You upload the file to there and click on resize 70% or 50% it will auto do it for you.
    I upload the file there, and I "tick" the resize to message board and click on "host it".
    Then there are a few options - I always choose the Hotlink for forums (2) and paste it into the forum's box.
    HTH :flowers:
  11. ^^^just pmed you
  12. I know the feeling!!!!

    If Katel can't help you, I will; and I never thought I would be saying that.
  13. thanks--you all are so nice!
  14. [​IMG]


    That is one freakin GORGEOUS bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Def. worth the wait!

    Congratulations on owning such a spectacular Plume - lucky girl!
    hermesaholic's plume 1.jpg
  15. and the color is even more jewel like in person. i begged for a SO in this color on multiple occasions and it doesnt exist..........this is by far my favorite bag just because of the color and leather. the Plume Elan (this is the bigger of the two ) holds a fair amount (certainly not a tote) .......wallet, cell phone, cosmetic case, keys, and smaller planner