plume elan? OR Help!!

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  1. I want to get a more casual bag for 'running around' with...not so noticeable like the Kelly or Birkin...suggestions?? I like the look of the plume elan but am not sure about its size(need something medium size)...also need something that's readily available in the H stores..really need some help...also, what are the prices, best leathers....etc...really want a color other than brown or black for summer...HELP!!
  2. I think the Paris Bombay is too hot and a less known H design, love the bolide so that might be good plus it has a shoulder strap?! and a really fun one is the Kelly sport, though i haven't ever seen it IRL, it seems really chic and practical though you mentioned you didn't want a noticeable bag.
    A Summer bag should have a summer bright color H obviously has many I think a white would be awesome (unless your afraid of it as many are lol) maybe BJ or and Orange (it is H after all)
  3. I also suggest a bolide or plume - those are both great bags and come in a couple of different sizes - you can always check e-bay also to see how they look at least!

  4. I have a plume elan and its my go to bag--its super light, understated and in the larger of the two sizes hold my bearn wallet, karo clutch, cell phone and sunglasses! What more is there.........
  5. oh and comes in virtually all colors............right now I am seeing pink, green, red, orange.................
  6. I think the Bolide is a great under-the-radar bag that can hold a lot and with the shoulder strap you could have a great shoulderbag AND handbag all rolled into one. I'd opt for a combo......toile/barenia would be a GREAT warm weather bag!!! Or Blue Jean Clemence. And Vert Anis in Chevre would be gorgeous.

    Bolides are also pretty commonly found on the shelves in every Hermes boutique. Even in the store-that-has-nothing where I live!
  7. I second the bolide suggestions. I just got the 1923 and I love using it. It's so easy to get into and I love the front pocket and double zipper. I sort of miss the shoulder strap though, I wish Hermes made a hybrid of the two :girlsigh:
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