Plume Elan Gm and Paris..........


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
So, next year (and I'm not quite sure exactly when yet) is my first trip to Paris to celebrate a milestone birthday and while I am over the moon with excitement just about that alone :yahoo: my DH has informed me that he'd like to buy my birthday gift at Hermes while we're there. And so, I am over the moon about that too!!!!! (even more so because he'd rather have teeth pulled in a third world country than step one foot inside an Hermes store.....)

I've decided that the gift I'd like from him is the Plume Elan GM.....the color/leather will be chosen when I'm there from which ever bag I faint over.

My question difficult do you think it would be to find a selection of Plume Elan GM's at the 24 Faubourg store (I don't think I can get him to travel the city in search of Plume Elan GM's so I have to choose one store only).

What do you guys think?
I think this is fabulous news, ShopMom.... Your DH's gift and your trip and your Birthday:yahoo: Yaaaaaaaaaaa!

As for the Plume, I've tried them but have not adopted any....yet....hoping others can help you there.
D., on my last trip to Paris earlier this year I saw quite a lot of Plume Elans! You shouldn't have too much of a problem! There's also the George V and Hilton stores!! If they don't have what you want at the mothership, perhaps you can have the SA call the other 2 stores! Good luck!
Shopmom, great news!! It will be a very magical birthday :smile:

It will be soooo easy to score plume elan in FSH.. but i would say if u go there u should try to get something that its very hard to get in the US.. like a specific combination in a kelly or birkin.. goodluck :smile:
Shopmom, they have so many bags there at Mothership, there's no way you would have a problem finding something you like.

You mean my husband is not the only one that refuses to set foot inside an Hermes store. :rolleyes: Ok, ok, he will go in but only for no more than 5 mins, then he is out of there!!! :wtf: It was a miracle that he took me to the George V store and stayed with me at the Faubourg store for entire half an hour. Hmmm, maybe we were really late for the flight home had something to do with it... ;) Thank God he has no problem shopping with me in general but just to Hermes!!:hysteric:

Good luck in finding your Plume, I am sure you will have a blast there!!! :yes:Let me know if there are any tips in training your DH but I don't suppose mine would change after 18 years....... :rolleyes:
HEY SHOPMOM!! Like what the ladies said earlier, when I was at FSH about a month ago, Plumes were plenty abundant and in lots of colors and leathers. That would've been my backup bag if I hadn't scored my precious birkin. Like pinkish_love said, I would perhaps try to score a bag that is harder to come by in the US at FSH but then use the plume as a backup bag if you don't find anything! Lucky you to go to Paris for ur BDAY!!! I'm getting nostalgic again....
there will be plenty o'plumes in Paris! of all sorts of sizes, leathers, and styles!:yes: That is where I fell in love with mine! (and bought it...they cost about $800 less there):P
Shopmom, i spent xmas in paris!!!there are plenty of plumes....they had plume elan in raisin and black( both epsom) on the shelf...probably much more at the storage....Good luck and enjoy paris!!!