Plume Elan....anyone?

  1. When it rains it pours!!!!! I swear......

    I just got a message from the NYC store that they have a few Plume Elans in stock and while I don't know details yet I thought I'd ask you guys if anyone here already has an Elan and if so what your thoughts are about it....good, bad, anything! I know I should have asked this question before one came available but I just thought I'd be able to stroll into the SF store to find one sitting on the shelf and that then I'd have pleanty of time to make a decision! What WAS I thinking!?!?!?!'m almost hoping they have all the wrong colors and sizes so I'm not tempted at this very moment.....oiy vey.....:sos: :sos: :sos:
  2. I personally prefer the Plume Elan over the regular Plume. I found the regular Plume to be a bit too boxy for me whereas the East-West shape of the Plume Elan adds a more feminine and contemporary touch to the bag. If it's the right size for you, go for it!! I would love a Plume Elan in saffron ostrich in the near future too.:flowers:
  3. OMG, Kou....what if they have the color and skin you want?????? I'll find out when she calls me back......would you want me to hold it for you????? Wouldn't that be a kick????? I mean could you use your credit there????
  4. Def agree with this about the shape of the Elan being more feminine. Every time I see a reg Plume in the boutique I think "EH" and never want it in the least. 28cm would be nice!! In ostrich or croc!!!!!!!!
  5. I like the streamlined shape of the Elan but I still prefer the regular Plume because of the feet! No, I don't have a foot fetish!

    I once had a Plume Elan and it was lined with lambskin. I like that the regular Plumes are lined w/ Chevre Marocain!
  6. OMG ... don't tempt me ... I MUST get the pink first ... yeah, gotta stay focused ...

    Oh what the heck, the chances of something in saffron ostrich and in Plume Elan 28cm is pretty slim anyway. Ask away~~
  7.'s what they have:

    Epson: BJ, Chocolate and Raisin
    Chevre: Violet
    Box: Black

    Bern wallets in CHEVRE:

    Blue Saphire, Vert Anis and Rouge H all with Silver HW

    I've got the Blue Saphire Bern wallet on hold but what do you guys think of the Violet color in Chevre for the Plume??????
  8. I think Violet for Plume will be gorgeous! Wait, is this for the Plume Elan or Plume? What size? I think Plume is one of those bags that needs to be in a pop color, so violet will definitely do.
  9. OMG - violet would be TDF! Does anyone have a picture of a Plume Elan?
  10. It's the Plume Elan in Chevre: 10-3/4" X 6-1/4" X 2-1/2"

    I've got to find a picture somewhere of the Violet color.....oiy!
  11. violet chevre? you can't pass that up!!
  12. But would it be too bright in Chevre???? I NEED to see this color in something......I'm thumbing through the Informative catalogue as we speak.....
  13. Violet, Violet, Violet!
  14. Violet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!

    The bearn sounds like a lovely color as well!

    Okay forgive me...but what is the difference between the regular plume and the plume elan? I'm lost....:rolleyes: