Plume Differences...

  1. Hello all!

    I love the plume bag & since I don't live near an Hermes store - I am trying to figure out all the sizes and shapes of the plume. It seems some have short handles and some have long handles - some are boxier some are long and thin. Can anyone help me decipher?? and post pics if they have them!!

  2. Plumes come in 2 styles: regular and elan. Elan being the rectangular style
    Sizes for the regular plume: 20cm, 28cm, 32cm
    Elan comes in PM and GM.
    I wouldn't say that some have longer handles than others, but the small size can make them appear longer than the larger ones.
  3. I have the 28 regular plume style -- which is my avatar, and this style has feet, which the plume elan does not...