Plume 32 vs. Berlingot GM

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  1. Dear Ladies,
    i would like to ask your opinions to make sure i do the right thing:smile:.
    I have the opportunity to take a black berlingot GM in clemence or a 32 plume in black box...i know what you think, what an idiot, black box all the way!!!!:tup:
    -i am only 5'6'' and have the HAC36 and Birkin 35 as 'big bags', i am afraid the plume 32 feels too boxy on my
    -i am working much in london, and afraid to take the box out in the rainy periods
    -i dont know if the berlingot gm is too small as an everyday bag if you want to carry:a globetrotter, 2 phones, small make-up pouch, keys etc.
    -is berlingot too sporty for a suit?
  2. Missmarbella, I have a Berlingot but not sure about if it is PM or GM. I guess PM is more likely because I know there is another size up.

    I can fit in a business card holder, a bastia coin purse, a blackberry, a mobile phone, a small karo, a moleskin notebook and a pack of tissue paper.

    I do not think the Berlingot is too sporty because I bet you won't wear it across your body in a suit.

    Most of the time, I will shorten it and so the bag is just under my arm. Comments on me wearing it on my shoulder is "Oh, you look like a flight stewardess!"