Plumb Casey looks dirty

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  1. Hey there
    I have been looking at the Casey now for quite sometime. I really love the look and feel of it - EXCEPT - one thing. the plumb leather looks dirty to me. I know it's not - it's just the texture of the leather and the way the light plays off of it, but every store I go into and see it, from a distance the darn thing looks filthy!
    Oh and I want to love it so much!

    Anyone else notice this or agree? :tdown: :tup:
  2. I actually really like the color treatment on these bags. It has an uneven quality that reminds me of watercolor. I guess I just think "water color" when I see it rather than "dirty". Maybe it's the plum, have you considered a different color?
  3. ^ i agree. it doesn't look dirty to me. the finish is just distressed. i like the watercolor description. that's exactly what it looks like. i think it's very pretty. it has a romantic, dreamy look to it like you'd wear the bag with a floaty ethereal sundress.
  4. YES! either the dark grey or the teal bruna (if I can find one!)
  5. ahhh, such great descriptions. nice thinking jacy!! and i agree w/ tad. the colors that these bags are available in are perfect for that romantic wispy feeling for the spring/summer :girlsigh:
  6. I agree with the ladies. Watercolor and distressed are right on! The colors are very pretty...plum, teal, oak, dark grey...all BEAUTIFUL! My favorite is the dark grey though I haven't seen the teal but based on the pictures that a pf'er posted, it looks gorgeous!!!
  7. Agree w/ the above descriptions. I have seen the plum & while I really adore the color, I just can't get past the texture & the way the color looks. I'd describe it as "uneven". Guess I'm not that romantic, huh? :P Teal looks gorgeous in pictures, haven't seen it IRL...
  8. Me, either. I looked at the quilted plum clutch wallet during the NM event, and while I loved the size and functionality, I couldn't get over the color variation. It's such a pretty color, though.

  9. The teal is amazing! I saw a stam in this teal at the collection store and it was amazing. I was surprised at how different it looked from the topaz and 07(right?) teal. Just a completely new take. . .sigh, I :heart: MJ.
  10. Are the Stams made from the same leather (distressed, dreamy, romantic leather...LOL!)? I know I saw a Plum Stam, but I can't remember if the texture was uneven.
  11. ^ The plum stam is this same texture as the Casey :yes:
  12. I am going to have to go and take another look. I would love to see the tangerine, teal and grey Stam. I guess a trip to the MJ store is in order, since Nordstrom and the other stores did not get Stams or they only have the Plum.
  13. Sounds heavenly!
  14. bloomingdales got stams in teal, plum, and rasberry
  15. Ya, the last time I was at Bloomies, Sak's and NM, I didnt notice any of these new soft quilted Stams. :confused1: Please report back, roro!!