Plum Vs Grape OS Alexa

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  1. As I am absolutely hopeless making a decision I would appreciate your thoughts on which is the best colour out of these two.
  2. plum! personally, i dont like the purpleness of the grape.. (i usually like purple color).. good luck (:
  3. i like the plum the grape is to uch like the ink imo :smile:
  4. Totally agree! I loved the plum
  5. i think the plum would go with moe to :smile:
  6. The grape is too like the ink imo - if it was me - I'd go plum. I've seen it irl and it's a very attractive colour.
  7. Plum- it's lovely and warm
  8. both are lovely!
  9. Plum! :biggrin:
  10. [​IMG]

    :biggrin:... be my twin!
  11. Many thanks everyone and thanks for the photo, Ratrat. Is my eyesight going or is plum a bit cerisey?
  12. Your plum Alexa is divine, Ratrat! A very belated congrats:smile:

    So another vote for plum from me. It is a stunning colour, and suits the Alexa very much.
  13. ooh rats I love seeing your Plum :biggrin: I want one so much !
  14. I had Grape for a short time but never bonded. I should have gone for Plum. it is warmer and more versatile. Mulberry's best Pink in a long time.
  15. One more vote for plum!

    I do think the grape is gorgeous, but the plum seems much more versatile.