Plum vs. Bone Mahala?

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  1. I really like the Mahala, and am thinking of purchasing one. The only caveat I am facing is the color. I like both colors, and could make use of both, the Bone being slightly more neutral. I am sure some of you have seen both colors IRL. Which do you prefer and why? I am not especially flashy, so that is not a factor.....Thanks!!!


  2. Equalizer - I have seen the Cognac and Plum in real life, but in a different style, the Malena. I've also been thinking about the Mahala in liquid patent, and finally made a decision. I ordered the Cognac Mahala from the Choo boutique in Chicago. At that time I asked the SA about the bone. He (Darnell) said that it was olive in appearance. It does look olive in the pics. Another purse forum member just got the plum and posted some good pics in another thread. Search "my plum Mahala." I really like the plum, but since I mostly wear browns, the cognac better suited me.

    What colors do you wear? If your jackets are mostly black, winter white, or navy it doesn't really matter which one you get. :choochoo:
  3. I just love the plum color! It looks so rich and deep, but not too flashy. If you need a fall/winter bag, I would choo-choose the plum.

    darlie has this bag, so take a look at her post...:yes: Absolutely gorgeous!
  4. You can't go wrong with either one.
    I love both - but I'm going to vote for the plum color!
  5. I prefer the Plum without a question.
  6. I prefer the plum too:yahoo: (but I may be biased)
  7. another vote for the plum!! :woohoo:and i AM biased!! hee hee...
    actually, i thought about the bone also, but decided the plum was more versatile. i thought it could be dressed down or up whereas something about the bone seemed more casual looking to me. but then again, i haven't seen the bone in person...but i can speak from experience that the plum is a BEAUTIFUL color!! :yes::yes:
  8. I would personally prefer the plumb color - it has a richer appearance.
  9. Plum....much more eye catching! :tup:
  10. again, LOL!

    As of today, I have seen the bone in real life. It was in a Malena, not a Mahala...but definitely big enough to get a better idea. The color of the patent is a mottled olive/greyish color. The suede looks more grey than olive. I'm not sure why "bone" was chosen as it's looks more like dried sagebrush, or olive-y grey.

    Now that I have seen all three colors, I still favor the cognac LP. But in a decision between plum and bone...get the plum!

    And I see you've discovered the Malena. I have the black/gunmetal color way. That is one classy bag.

    Equalizer - I've been shopping around for the right designer bag for a long, long time. The Jimmy Choo bags really speak to me. Once I win the lottery (yeah, right!) I'm getting one of each... :choochoo:
  11. That plum is such a rich fall color...yummy!:tup:
  12. I would say the plum as I have seen the bone and it is very olive green in appearance. I don't know what bones they were looking at when they named it.
  13. I would have to see the bone IRL, the picture is quite ugly. Is it green, is it grey, is it brown, looks like a mixture of all three. :sick:

    The plum is a re-issue of the patent bordeaux???

  14. I know :roflmfao:
  15. Plum. The color is so rich!