Plum Sabrina Question...

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  1. I saw a pretty purple Sabrina today in a department store. I just can't get over that color! I didn't see that color online, are these hard to find? Can you find them in outlets or do you need to pay full price? Not in super love with the Sabrinas... but I freaking can't get that color out of my head! Thanks!
  2. I don't think that anyone has seen the plum patent Sabrina at the outlet. (Sabrinas in general are fairly rare at the outlet.) Right now I think they are just available at FP.
  3. This was bright purple, but it didn't have the chains like I've seen the other plum Sabrina's. Weird. The color def caught my eye!
  4. The it was probably cobalt blue. That patent does not have the chain strap (also the graphite patent) so it is cheaper than the other patent Sabrinas. This is really new and should not be at any outlets yet.
  5. actually, they are at the outlets now...two people here have reported them at the outlets...

    but to the original OP, the plum patent DOES have a chain handle...if you say a purple bag w/.o the chain handle that as CZ22 said, that is the cobalt does look a little purple
  6. Was it patent leather or regular leather? If it was regular, it may have been the berry Sabrina that's sold out and yes, is hard to find. It's a pretty purple/berry color and doesn't have the chain strap. Maybe somebody has been hanging on to it and just returned it to the store.
  7. I went back and it did have the chains, it was just hidden when I walked by the first time. Really pretty color! Def don't need another bag, but that color is beautiful! :smile: In love!
  8. So it was the plum. Very pretty bag.
  9. I definitely don't need the plum Sabrina, but you are right, it is absolutely G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!