PLUM pebbled glossy??

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  1. Look what I just read on twitter from BE:

    "Latest bespoke bags: Plum glossy pebbled Hug Me for info on how to order"

    I have just emailed rose, but maybe someone here already knows about this leather. I wonder if it's just the wine pebbled glossy...
  2.'re killing me....I am following you around like a sheep to slaughter!!! Please let us know what Rose tells you!!!
  3. Oh I'm in trouble. SEE..THIS is why I'm not on Twitter anymore--besides the fact that it is coming so difficult to keep up with FB and all the other ways people stay connected. I always feel bad for not being able to respond all the time, but then I also feel guilty for twittering time away when I should be doing other stuff!

    Back to the topic--anyway we can see a photo of the leather?
  4. The timing of this suggests that it is just the Wine one.
  5. you think these are the same item because I would envision the colors to be quite different....maybe pics of this new one would help solve the mystery.
  6. I just think that it would be very odd for a bespoke for a Hug Me to be set up in a new colour that none of us have heard about just at the same time as the Wine Pebbled Glossy Hug Me bespoke is set up. I think we are talking about a slip of the 'tongue' (finger) here.
  7. I have decided not to Twitter either. Most of the people that I have watched for a bit have turned out to be unbelievably dull and I have lost all the good opinion that I originally had of them.
  8. I looked at that on Twitter. It wasn't BE that made that statement. It was a someone else just posting a "reply" on the BE twitter about the bespoke.

  9. I live by this motto: Expect NOTHING and you won't be disappointed.
  10. Superb - I congratulate you on your common sense.
  11. A good shot of tequila or three while reading those posts never hurts either ;)
  12. Sorry - can't swop now - am already on the Bison Grass Vodka.
  13. Being European, my freezer was/is always well stocked with premium vodkas- never from my own country though!!!! (Poland)

    Anyways.....since I got into premium tequilas, my wallet has gotten lighter, but I have to say, it's amazingly smooth (straight frozen shots).

    It might literally come to the day where I have to choose: Tequila vs. BE! ;)

    Until then......cheers! :drinkup:
  14. Which is likely to win?
  15. If you knew me, you'd know I can't make a decision to save my life!!!