Plum Mahala is here!

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  1. After a long wait, my liquid patent and suede plum mahala is here! As you know I was very worried about the size and color IRL and whether I would like it. I love :heart: the color, it is absolutely stunning, but the base is a bit wide. I think once the leather gives a bit, it should be better. I took a few pictures but they are not clear since I had to use my phone. I haven't gotten my camera back yet.
    JC Mahala Front Closeup.JPG JC Mahala Side View.JPG JC Mahala Back.JPG
  2. hulunfishie I would recommend "Mick's Method" to get your Mahala to be ready for use :lol:

    I had pre-warned Mick the comments I heard from many first time Mahala owners was, they felt it was a little stiff and the bag needed to be a little more "slouchy"

    I had suggested she let it hand with a little weight inside the bag for a few days, but the whole soup cans was something she came up with :tup:

    Mick tossed a few cans of soup inside the bag and hung it in her closet for a few days :roflmfao: and when it was done, she ended up with the perfect amount of sagginess :upsidedown:
  3. I'm so glad to read it was worth the wait! There's always the worry that it won't be love at first site and then you have to decide what to do....
    Those pics will do for now, but we need more ASAP! ;)
    And once you've done the soup in a bag, wear her in good health! :girlsigh:
  4. ^^ :yes:she is coming out tomorrow for her grand voyage ( i say that as if i'm going anywhere special...ha!):p and may i say, i hope i never sag as much does as she.:push:
    miss mahala has been hanging "mick method" for over a is cold in my closet too, so it is like she is a slab of meat:roflmfao:...poor thing.....:nogood:

    really halunfishie--congrats!:yahoo: i hope you love using her as much as she is pretty to look at!;):heart:
  5. looks like a really pretty color, I think this bag will make your outfits really special.
  6. Congrats. It's such a beautiful bag!
  7. Such a magnificent color. I am happy you are pleased with it.
  8. beautiful bag!
  9. LOVE the color! Congratulations on your new bag! I know once you break her in you're going to love her even more!

    And Mick? You're just a bit scary....a refrigerated closet with hanging Choos filled with cans of soup? Nope, nothing out of the ordinary there! ;)
  10. Congratulations! Enjoy her well!
  11. :roflmfao: oh, yes, i am very scary.....but not for the closet/soup can bit....i can explain that one;)....the closet is not insulated so is cold in the winter, not quite refrigerater cold though. the soup cans were robyn's suggestion, i'm blaming her on that one!:p kooky, but it really worked well! :tup:

    halunfishie---did you try it? :shrugs:how are you enjoying your mahala?:yes:
  12. Thanks everyone. I do love looking at her. I haven't used her yet but plan to do so this week. Mick, I haven't tried out the soup trick yet, I think I should go do that now. It's just so brilliant, credit goes to you and robyn. You guys are just great. Thanks for all the advice. I'll update you on how I like her and how we get along in a few days. (Btw Mick, did you get you other accessories yet - I remember you said you ordered the matching wallet and case.)
  13. That bag looks JUICY!!! You'll have to post modeling pics soon once you are done with the soup!!
  14. :yes:...started a thread just now showing them. thanks for remembering!