Plum Loopy Leopard Bays?

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  1. I need some advise from my dear Mulbery galpals. I saw the Plum Loopy online and it screamed out to me. I realize it's kinda loud and flashy but I wear mostly black and am very I think it would work. Question...I want to wear this bag with TB Revas in red. Is there enough red in the bag? Or mostly plum/purple? Hard to tell on my moniter.
    Also, the bag is shown, on the US website, with a matching scarf...can't seem to find the scarf anywhere. I've emailed Mulbery with respect to the scarf and heard nothing. Anyone see this bag IRL? I'd appreciate any help/advise!!!
  2. Hiya

    I've only seen it briefly irl, but it looks like a pattern that would vary alot bag to bag. I would think you should be able to select the bag with the pattern you like best.

    If you haven't seen it yet, have a look at the AW09 show about two mins in. At least u can see it 'in action'

    There's only one loopy scarf on the UK site, but it's in more of a beigey brown colourway.
  3. Thanks, tiggernic...I love how bold it is. Wish I lived near the NYC store!
  4. Oh wow, Tortoise...that scarf goes perfect! Hope they deliver to the US. THANKS!
  5. I saw it IRL in Oxford Street on Saturday - it's nice heavy silk. I would so have bought it if it had suited my colouring!

    This is what they say re. international deliveries

  6. You are a doll!!! I just found a Carre en Carres GM Hermes scarf...purples and reds that would match perfectly, in the Hermes Ebay finds. Soooooooo tempted!
  7. Love that scarf tp... will be looking for that on sunday too :lol:
  8. ^^If you get this scarf, please post a pic! Thanks, girls!!!
  9. that's a gorgeous scarf!
  10. I saw the bag IRL and it is should deffo go for it. I am very tempted but I already have a purple patent Bayswater and it is a bit too similar, but it is really a showstopper - plenty of red in the one I held...:woohoo::woohoo:
  11. Hi skyqueen :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    I can't help with your query but it's nice to see you back!!
  12. I think you would carry this bag off beautifully skyqueen.

    Hope you get one and post piccies, as nobody has got one here yet, so it will be the first :nuts:
  13. Darling girl...good to hear from you, too!
    I called the Madison Ave store...they have it. The SA was adorable and HELPFUL!!! My problem...I really want a Hermes Evelyne GM in Rouge Vif/Garrace GHW. Not easy to find. I love the Bays but can't get both. What a wonderful problem!!! LOL!
  14. Chloe, are a wonderful enabler. Soooooooooo tempted!!! I'm beginning to think I might be better off with the Bays!