plum le fabuleux suhali

  1. anyone remembered who it is?
  2. I think it was Iluvbags. That Le Fab looks YUMMY!!!:drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. Yes it was Iluvbags! Ohh I love my plum Le Fab!!!
  4. That bag is so amazing!
  5. It's a fake. The strap on the back is placed on much too low.

    Also, the stitching inside the bag, on the inner rim is wrong, it should be two toned.

  6. Good Catch! ITA!
  7. Woah sharp eye! Phew...
  8. yep. Its was me. I was looking for one. :yes:

    This was listed last week and didnt sell. Its a fake. Can't beleive they have the nerve to set the reserve so high.

    Maybe they don't know its a fake?:shrugs:
  9. Holy Mac! I almost placed a bid, had they not taken so long to send me photos of the screws and heat stamp. Until I see this post, I unwittingly believed it was authentic. The screws, heat stamp, and the date code all checked out fine. Wow, just think, I am about to submit a Best Offer, since the bag did not sell last time.

    I hope other people would not mistakenly purchase it.
  10. How does the heat stamp check out fine? The photo of it isn't that great, but it's pretty obvious the font in "Louis Vuitton" is waaaay off. That was hard to miss for me...
  11. What do I know? I am too gullible, with untrained eyes. Anyway, just to make sure that nobody wastes big money on fake bags, I reported to eBay about the fake. Hopefully, eBay will remove the lsting.

    I went back and compared the stitching and hardware locations. Indeed, this bag has problems. The color appears a little too dark, too.
  12. Omg!
  13. I want a plum L'Affriolant. Not a fake though. :lol:
  14. Yes, one of the best ways to spot a fake le fab is to look at the placement of the strap that goes across the top. If you look at an authentic one it is placed above where the handle studs are. I also noticed that the datecode was quite some distance away from the seam. Its usually much closer to the corner and harder to see than that. Glad no one bought it!! Really pricey fake!!