plum Le Fab anyone???

  1. Awwww, I wish I wasn't so damn broke. I would trade (nearly) all my bags if I could get this one. I am SO a sucker for purple.
  2. I feel the same way..:sad:
    I am still thinking hard about it. I really want Le Fab in black someday but plum is so much $$$$
  3. it is so gorgeous!!!!!! i like it the best of all the le fabs' cols!! someone get it!!! :P
  4. Ugh, this is my favourite suhali colour ! Someone please take her home !
  5. :censor: :cry: :rant: :censor: :censor: :mad: :cry: :cry:
  6. Come on's calling your name ...
  7. you know you want it :smile:
  8. This is insane!!! I am going to see if I can get a hold of my SIL!!!
  9. :shocked: Omg,

    Can i become your house cleaner so i can dust your bags daily ?
  10. It's cheap too! well cheaper and in Fab condition! haha FAB... LE FAB ;)
  11. SOMEONE get it!

  12. LMAO!!!:lol: Be my guest!!!:yes:
  13. Perfect :smile:
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