Plum kid is heeeeeeeree

  1. Finally, after much anticipation... my MJ kid in Plum is here!!! :yahoo:
    This is my very first MJ bag. I ADORE THIS THING TO PIECES!!!!!!!!!
    I am sorry for the crappy picture, I don't have a digital camera. All I've got is the little built in camera thing on my computer.

    The color on this purse is gorgeous-deep eggplant with lighter purple where the ridges are. My junky pic does not even come close to doing it justice.

    I debated between a stam and a baby stam. Then the baby stam vs. the kid. then the regular stam vs. the kid....... and of course between many different colors within all those families. I'm so glad I got this one. Its smaller than the regular stam, but I think it still will hold tons. The regular stam would just overwhelm my size!


  2. Woo Hoo lolamae!! Congratulations on your first MJ bag. And what a great choice you made. LOVE that color of Plum!!! :nuts::heart::heart:
  3. Congrats lolamae!!! It's absolutely stunning, love the color and the style!!!
  4. That's a gorgeous bag in a gorgeous color! Where did you find it? TIA
  5. That is a stunning bag! Perfect color for Fall and Winter!
  6. Thanks Joke! I got it on, during their 20% handbags sale! :heart:
  7. beautiful!! Congrats!!
  8. congratulations! you must be so excited
    i saw that color the other day and i thought it was gorgeous! you're going to love it ;)
  9. Really beautiful!
  10. Beautiful! now im really wanting one xD
  11. really nice!:tup:
  12. Gorgeous bag & color - congrats!!!!
  13. That is HOT! I love the color! Congrats to you and if you get a chance and can, post pics modeling...:graucho:
  14. That is gorgeous, seriously.

    To die for!
  15. Congrats!! The color is absolutely gorgeous! :drool: I just ordered one from Saks and I can't wait to receive it!!