Plum Heloise Owners - Question re: Shape of your Bag

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  1. For all of you who own a Prune Heloise, I have a question: What shape is your bag?

    One of the things I love most about the Heloise is its angular shape -- I've noticed that some of your Prune Heloise bags look more square and/or box shaped and I wonder whether they've retained that shape or if they've taken on a more angular shape once you loaded them up and started carrying them?

    Here are a few pics of various Prune Helo owners (I hope you don't mind tag, llson and acshi). Of these three, it seems like tag's bag is the most angular -- there's also a pic of tag's black Heloise -- you can really see the angular shape of that bag. I think it has something to do with the leather. When I was looking at the Prune and Gazelle bags, I noticed that the Prune was not as angled as the Gazelle -- I think it's because the Gazelle is so much softer and the bottom of the bag spreads giving it that angular look. I just wonder if the Prune also does this once the leather starts to soften and you fill the bag up?


  2. here's a pic of tag's Black Helo which really shows the angled look of the bag

  3. Good question....I really am not sure. I think the bag looks different when it is set on the floor vs. being carried. When it is carried, the middle is pulled up more and make the bag look more angular?? I will have to give my bag a pull/tug tomorrow and let you know.
  4. ^^I thought the same thing, but the last time I was at Nordies' I took some pics w/my camera phone (which for some reason, I cannot send and/or download anywhere!) -- the Gazelle definitely has those angled sides, even when the bags were set down on their bottom. I have pics sitting and hanging on my arm -- in both sets of pics, the Gazelle is more angled than the Prune. I figure it has something to do w/the leather (the gazelle is a little softer than the Prune) -- I just wonder if the Prune "spreads" more as the leather softens and/or you start to put heavier things inside?
  5. Interesting comments, I, too, noticed that some were more angular. I attributed it to the leather stretching as the bag is carried.
    However, I think I had mentioned in a prior post about Gucci having different manufacturing locations, and depending on which location the bags come from, there were several differences. (I had e-mailed Gucci about the lining difference in my bags)--Maybe this is the case with Heloise.
  6. I just HAD to run upstairs now to check the angularity of mine and I think that the folded up flaps at the sides determin the overall triangularity. If they are stiffer and stick out more then there is a triangle present! Make sense? I wonder what is IN those flaps? Chloe air?