Plum belted Ergo hobo? Help!

  1. there's free shipping at on all Coach items. I'm ordering a sweater for Christmas for my mother-in-law, and I see that Coach has the medium plum belted Ergo hobo in leather...and it's not available at anymore. But I'm not sure if I should really buy the bag or not because I should be on a! Is it really worth $328? Or should I wait and get something after Christmas? Anyone have one they can model for me so I can see it?
  2. Here it is:

  3. I have the large in this color and LOVE it! The leather is great. I get more compliments on that bag than any of my other ones (to my surprise -- I have some hella cute bags IMO, but this one gets noticed the most).

    Anyway, the plum is really versatile, goes with blacks, brown, and greys. It's great with a pair of dark wash jeans and a t-shirt or with a white collared shirt and black pencil skirt. I can wear it with anything. I'll try to take model pics tonight, even though my bag is a bit bigger, it might help. Maybe someone else has the medium that can help.

    You said you are supposed to be on ban. I would hate for you to spend the money that should go elsewhere, but if you think you can do it then I think you should. Don't take any risks though, unless your are sure you can.
  4. I'm on a ban because I have bought a lot of bags in the last few months. I'm not in debt but I'm going to be getting Lasik surgery in January, and it's coming out of my Flexible Savings Account at work, but I have to contribute the full amount of the surgery over the course of the year, so my paychecks will be slightly lower each week because of it. I guess I could put the money for the bag into my savings account...or I could spend it. Not sure if it's worth the money, I could wait until spring to see what's available. :shrugs:

    Keep the opinions coming ladies and gents...
  5. Good to hear and good luck with your Lasik. I may need that some day... Right now I am loving my coach glasses too much. :yes:

    I am probably no help, because I just passed on a bag to see what might be available in spring as well. So that might be an option too....

    Geez. ^^ I really am no help.
  6. Yeah and now I'm looking at the small Bleecker hobo in wine...yikes. Now I really don't know what I want...:confused1:

  7. I think if you are on a ban and you sound not sure that you want the bag, I would wait... if you are totally convinced you want the bag, or need it! lol then as long as you aren't in debt I would say go for it. :yes:
  8. Thanks you guys...I didn't get the bag. I will wait for PCE and see how my savings account is doing in December.

    Not everyone here is an enabler...good thing!
  9. I wish I could find the plum in the LARGE hobo size...I would flip out if I could get that.

  10. I saw this bag ONCE recently. The Coach Store near me had a few more come in. It had been sold out since September. I am not positive it was the large. I can PM you the store telephone number if you want. It can't hurt to ask and maybe if they have it they can ship it.
  11. THANK YOU, that would be excellent :smile: At least i would then have the option :smile: