Plum and Periwinkle Audrey @ Nordies?

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  1. So I bought a plum Audrey @ Nordies for 33% off, while my friend got a periwinkle Audrey at the same store for full price. She was told that the periwinkle one was a newer season, thus the price diff. Is this accurate, or have you seen the periwinkles similarly marked down?
  2. The periwinkle is at the outlet and has been deleted from FP COACH.
  3. Yes just found out its $228 at the outlet with markdown and coupon if you can find it
  4. Hi,
    So the Audrey are in clearance section now? i just bought one op art less than 2 weeks ago, but i only got 30% original plus coupon? Wow it would be great if it is markdown and 50%!!!:yahoo:
  5. Ya i also saw it at the outlet discounted.
  6. It's strange that you ask that because I was wondering the same thing. Many people have found the periwinkle Audrey at the outlets! However at my Nordstrom, they still had the bag at full price, as of last weekend. They may have marked it down since then. I thought it was kind of odd.
  7. Interesting... I think I'll head over there today and let them know that this is a discontinued Coach color... and someone else on here posted their Nordstrom had the Periwinkle for 33% off. Because even though I got my plum on discount, I'd also like the periwinkle for the same price. Wish I could find it at my outlet!

  8. Let us know what happens. Also...Nordies does price match. So, if you know of a Dillards or Macys that has the bag discounted, Nordies will match the price. The only catch is that the item has to be in stock at that stock.

    I just recently had then price match the plum Hailey for me. I bought it from Nordies for 33% off. But then Dillards had the 30% + 30% sale. So I found a Dillards that had one in stock, called them, and they called the Dillards and gave me the discount. Good luck! I have the Periwinkle Audrey, it's so pretty!
  9. Periwinkle came out a couple of months after the plum, so it is a later release from Nordies point of view.

    Good luck with the price match!
  10. I saw the periwinkle audrey at the outlet last weekend - very beautiful bag! It wasn't in clearance, it was marked down 30% off the MSRP and then you got another 20% off with the coupon.
  11. Yes I just bought my periwinkle Audrey at the outlet it was 30% off plus the 20% coupon from outlet
  12. So Nordstrom refused to price match, said they won't do it for outlets. Luckily both my friend and I were able to find periwinkle Audreys at our outlet... and she returned the full price new one back to Nordstrom.
  13. Too bad that Nordies wouldn't price match the outlet! However, I'm glad to hear that you both were able to find your perwinkle Audreys!! Congrats!