Plugged or blocked EARS?? Can anyone help??

  1. OMG, I am going today is day 4 of my plugged/blocked ears. Before it was both ears and they were just plugged a little bit, sorta like when you are on a plane. But yesterday I woke up and my right ear was completely blocked and now I hear a constant buzzing sound in it. I went to Urgent Care and the doc says it's just pressure built up from my really bad allergy bit and cold that I had over 2 weeks ago!! So basically I feel fine right now except for my ears.

    Has anyone ever experienced this before?? How long did it last?? I'm supposed to go to Vegas in two weeks and we're flying but I don't think I can if this is still going on............this totally sucks!!

    It's driving me crazy that I can't hear at all in my right ear except for the damn buzzing. Doc said to take Claritin D and he also prescribed me antiobiotics (pill) and ear drops. But he said the antibiotics might not work since I don't have an ear infection, just pressure blockage.

    Can anyone help???
  2. I've experienced this before...usually when I get a cold and I'm constantly blowing my nose. I can equalize the pressure at first but then it gets built up and nothing works. I don't remember exactly how long it lasted, but it was long enough to make me think I'll never hear with a normal ear ever again. I think it ended with me constantly fake yawning (essentially opening my jaw up really fast and doing the yawning sound). It never got to the point where I had to see a doctor...
  3. You may want to try one of those neti pots. My mom uses one in addition to taking her allergy meds and swears by it. It looks like a teapot that you fill with warm saline water. You use it to flush out your sinuses. This could help take some of the pressure off your ears.
  4. I am an audiologist. This is not an official medical opinion as I am not a physician but please get in to an otolaryngologist (ENT doctor) to be evaluated soon. It may be just Eustachian Tube dysfunction but it could be a sudden sensorineural hearing loss. I have seen this happen several times in the 12 years I have been doing this. Sometimes SSNHL can be helped by steroids and other meds but only if they are administered within a short time of the onset. Better to be safe than sorry.
  5. I totally feel your pain! This happened to me about 3 months ago and I was up late googling EVERY remedy that I could find. I kept plugging my nose and trying to blow air out of it, and, it worked twice before it became ineffective. You can try this once to see if it will work, and then if it will stay away, but, don't force it and don't do it more than a couple of times. It can, apparently, blow your ear drums as I read on different forums. (And it really hurt my ear, I was flooded with so much noise that I normally just take for granted!) I ended up going to wal-mart and buying baby ear drops (my boyfriend convinced me that since they were for babies that they'd be ok for an adult ear lol) and I poured a couple of drops in my ear for a couple of night and slept on my one side w/o the drops. It worked for me and a couple of days later, the pressure went away. GL and feel better!! :smile:
  6. i have had this happened to me before. i remember in hs in my left ear it was like this for 3 months? then all of a sudden one day in choir class it "unpopped" and i could hear again :yahoo: Though a year a half ago it was ear and i tried not to let it bother me except a month or so later it went to my second ear and i went to the urgent care waited 8 hours and then they cleaned my ears out, and it was like i was hearing for the first time! I could hear everything, this annoying sound my car made i never even noticed, i asked my husband "did it always make that noise?" he is like yeah! haha :shame: this started to happen to me the other day i just pulled at my ear a couple times and it went away. but mine seems to happen during allergy season too.. I just add a couple ear drops to my ears and lay down as the drops do their magic :p
  7. WOW! After tanukiki's advice I don't know if it's worth saying anything else LOL. I just wanted to say that you need to be careful as constant equalising and/or blowing your nose can give you middle ear infection... ouch!

    I'd try one of those ear syringes, where you flush your ear out (similar to the teapot mentioned above). Your doctor can do this for you if you're unfmailiar with it. A buzzing noise is not good, so I'd visit the doctor to get a definite opinion...
  8. I've had this happen before. I had my ears cleaned, listened to, examined by an ear nose and throat doctor. Eventually the only thing that cleared it up was a prescription for steroids. I took them for five days and then everything was good again.
  9. I have had this before. Is it really because of the allergy or do you have a bacterial infection in your ear? That's what I ended up having. I am not a fan of antibiotics, but after basically a WEEK of not being able to hear, the doc prescribed abx and I noticed a difference in my hearing ability in the first day of taking them!
  10. today is day 6 and I STILL have the same symptoms. I have tried antibiotics since Fri and sudafed/claritin since last wed. NOTHING!! I decided that I am just going to bypass my physician and go see an otolaryngologist. I'm gonna do a self-referral and just pay the extra office fee. I can't take it anymore, I am having a hard time sleeping. Plus vegas is a little less than two weeks away and I'm supposed to fly (non refundable), so this HAS TO GO AWAY!!!

    ^^urgent care doc said no infection, just pressure................:rolleyes: yeah like he even gave me more than 5 mins of his time!!
  11. It's almost certainly just from swelling compressing the tube, but maybe the ENT can give you some topical steroids or something to make it better.

    Sorry, wish I could be mroe helpful, but that's not my end of the body. :p
  12. You know what I just remembered? Hydrogen Peroxide helped when my ear was really bothering me. I laid down and filled the cap with some and poured it into my ear. About 5 mins later i turned my head over (onto a paper towel! lol) and let the HP drain out. It didn't clear it for me, but, it helped. It'll "pop" a lot, it's getting rid of the built up ear wax. At first I thought that's what had happened to me, the ear wax had covered the ear canal somehow. And, I think Dr. Oz (On Oprah) even said that HP is better than using Q-tips.
  13. arent urgent care drs the greatest? :rolleyes: you wait 8 to 10 hours to see them for myabe 10 minutes. they take a few seconds to look at the problem you are having and then just type in the computer. My eye swelled up from an allergic reaction. I went to UC i waited 6 and a half hours finally saw the dr he looked in my mouth, ears, and then my eye for a couple seconds. and says oh it looks like you are having an allergic reaction? (well duh!!) you might have an infection as he types forever on the computer. then subscribes me some eye drops that cost 4 dollars and sent me on my way? what a waste of time waiting! :tdown:

    When they cleaned out my ears and they said i also had an allergy in my ear.. and they prescribed me some kind of drops, which did help after a day or 2! :tup:
  14. When I have a lot of pressure I find a Vicks inhaler works wonders. Also, sometimes I'll boil some Vicks Vapor Rub in a pot, take it off the stove, then put a towel over my head and put my face over the pot. It creates a little steam chamber. After this, I blow my nose and it improves. Feel better!
  15. I agree that you should see an otolaryngologist. I had this same problem in January and it lasted for six weeks. I also went to Urgent care and they prescribed antibiotics to no avail. It didn't help. I can't take regular Sudafed because of my blood pressure issues but I did take some allergy medicines that were supposed to help with drainage. Those didn't help either. Turns out I had a bad ear infection and there was so much swelling down in there and this was why I could not hear out of one ear. I had to use ear drops for three weeks and gradually my hearing came back. Good luck to you. I know how annoying it was for me to deal with so I can imagine you are freaking out.