Pls Vote: Prada nylon gauffre or MiuMiu Peggy vitello

  1. hi
    I am currently deciding between 2 bags. They are quite different but I can only get 1 now. Assuming not much difference in price, which will you get?

    1) Prada gauffre hobo in nylon
    2) Miu Miu Vitello Peggy shoulder bag in calfskin

  2. Prada Gauffre.
  3. I would pick Gauffre
  4. Nylon over Calfskin and Prada wins? :lol::lol:
  5. prada gauffre gets my vote.
  6. Here's your Miu Miu vote then! I just canNOT rationalize spending the cash that Prada wants for its nylon bags. I don't care how good, durable, stylish, whatever it is. PP wants her DEAD COW!! :woohoo:
  7. i love the peggy and the gauffre...i returned the gauffre though because even though i own quite a few nylon pradas? i just couldn't justify spending that much on nylon...the peggy is gorgeous and classic looking!
  8. Miu Miu for me also. I cannot bring myself to spend that kind of $$ for Nylon.
  9. I don't like nylon material so never looked into Prada until knowing Gauffre. Prada is my new love, but I am only into their leather goods. No nylon ever. So my vote is Miu Miu Peggy Vitello.
  10. Oh now its 3 votes gauffre to 4 votes peggy vitello.

    hmm...the Nylon gauffre I'm eyeing is about 750. Is that a good price to spend on nylon?
  11. I'm with Miss P Psycho! I want her "dead cow!" Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!
    But... what's the Peggy Vitello? Anyone have a pic?

    (i'm still laughing over the dead cow...)
  12. I think I like the Peggy better! Agree with the others, can't justify paying for a nylon bag...
  13. another vote for the Miu Miu
  14. I like the miu miu, but I would go for the Gauffre, I like Nylon bags, they are obscenely priced but you don't have to worry about them in the rain.
  15. i used to think the same way, and I was debating whether to pick a LV epi speedy over a mini lin speedy because one is leather while the other is fabric... then my DH reminded me of our huge huge sofa which is made of a buttery soft leather dyed in "blue jean" and it is only 1.5K when I got it a few years ago. So don't bother about materials, cos the reality is that the price of the materials is just tens of dollars (or less!) anyway.